SF3Patch Version 12 Released!

It’s my pleasure to report V12 is ready to go and is available from the button to the right and the FTP.

The big thing is the insertion of the final part of Sc3. There should be no japanese or placeholders remaining in the game once patched. Limited work has also been done on the Sc3 bookcase, but don’t expect it to function correctly just yet.

Several small issues were taken care of including some of the battles where it would crash or act crazy upon a enemy’s turn where the name was missing. A large number of Sc3 files in particular had to be reduced in size, some by large amounts, so I had to take out some things that aren’t used. In some cases, I guessed wrong. Continue to post these types of issues if they turn up.

Thanks to everyone for getting the word out about our translator needs. Unfortunately, the project continues to need assistance finding qualified and willing japanese to english translators.

legalize freedom!

27 Responses to “SF3Patch Version 12 Released!”

  1. Aaron Marshall says:

    Thanks for the update and for your hard work, team!

  2. MNV says:

    You guys rule, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication for all these years.

  3. Consty says:

    You guys are awesome. This is the best ever. Seriously, you’re dedicated to your craft and that’s awesome. I think it’s fair to say that everyone who enjoys this greatly appreciates it. You guys should add a donation link so you can get some money to continue work.

  4. Sinful Force says:

    Yes!!! This is out of this world great news.

    I’ve been waiting to see what the last townspeople have to say for the final chapter for awhile now, as I always loved chatting with the villagers in the SF3 Scenarios. And I’m especially looking forward to the headquarters dialog too.

    Talking to NPCs has always been is one of my favourite things to do in the SF3 (I still do it every time after many playthroughs), and now thanks to all the hard work of the translation team, I can finally enjoy the rest (In fact, I’ve stopped many Scenairo 3 playthroughs because I’ve ran out of dialog).

    Anyways, I can’t thank you guys enough, and wish you guys luck on finding a new translator.

  5. three.de says:

    I grew up with Shining Force. But since a few weeks ago I´d never heard of part 3. I was so disapointed that SF3 episode 2&3 are only available in japanese. But you Guys give me hope. Give us all hope to play this great game perfectly in english with your honorable project. keep on going. i love it. Than you!

  6. destroyerbam says:

    I’ve been waiting so long!

  7. Stormrage says:

    I’d really, REALLY like to thank all of you guys!
    I, like many of our fellas here, played all the three scenarios of SF III without knowing a single line of the plot story! Still it was one of the greatest RPGs I’ve ever played. That´s why I could hardly believe when a friend of mine told me you guys were translating it.
    I also agree with Consty about the donation link. I´m sure many of us would gladly like to help you out.
    Well, that´s it!
    Once again, Thank you!!!

  8. Omnibot2000 says:

    I will stalk every japanese speaker I find and beg them to help to support this great project. Thank you for your fantastic work!

  9. Roberto (Brazil) says:

    Hey Guys I can’t express what this game means to me, I played it so many times when I was a kid.
    I really apreciate the work of yours!
    If you need help with the project, Mail me.

  10. Synbios16 says:

    You’ve made some of my dreams come true. I’ve waited 15 years to play these games… I just got the two Japanese discs, and I’m trying to figure out how to get this all working, but I can’t wait.
    What software do you recommend to rib and/ or burn CDs?


  11. Mankubus says:

    just got the newest patch version and created an iso file and .cue but when i plug it in daemon tools my ssf emuator laods it but only for a sec then it goes back to the route menu one that has start application option etc and just repeats what did i do wrong?

  12. legalize freedom! says:

    You should be mounting the cue file. Please post issues in the forum.

  13. Skye says:

    This is really great. I just found out about this translation project. I tried SF3 a few months/years ago with an emulator and it didn’t work at all. But now, with the new SSF it runs pretty decently.

    Thanks to you guys we’ll finally be able to play the complete game in English!

  14. NK. says:

    Any specific bookcase text/dialogoue that needs translation? Pls do let me know… my Japanese ain’t perfect but I know friends who are. 🙂

  15. Konsolkongen says:

    I’m chapter 4 of Sc 3 on my Sega Saturn. Apart from the freeze bug after chapter 1 this translation has been 99.9% perfect! VERY NICE!

    I’m glad to see the story from Sc 1 and Sc 2 finally makes sense 😛


  16. Tuugi says:

    Nice, thanks guys!

  17. Steve says:

    I hate to be a bother, but I’m a mac user. Please tell me there’s a way to accomplish playing this game with the english patch using a mac…

  18. Konsolkongen says:

    Just completed Sc 3. What an amazing game! Appart from the mentioned freeze after chapter 1 this translation worked almost perfect. The credits were messed up though and the game froze just after that and gave a “CD READ ERROR”. Hope I didn’t miss any important dialog with the Elder or something… I’ve been playing on original hardware, and I have a save right before the end so no problem, I can just replay the ending once the translation has been 100% completed 🙂

  19. legalize freedom! says:

    Ask in the forum at SFC.

  20. loglauncher says:

    Thanks very much for doing this out of your own time and pocket. You are all legends and scholars.

  21. Folken says:

    Been following you guys since around 06 and mighty impressed with the accomplishments since then, looks like its time to whip out the ole saturn, thank you!!

  22. three.de says:

    Hi guys just finished Episode one will try your patch with episode two soon. Amaizing! Thank you so much and keep on going. I am waiting for the next update since January2011. kind regards.

  23. ChaosBreaker says:

    Excellent!!! ill gift you all my grandma cokkies for your hard work! THX! 😀

  24. RJB says:

    I’ve been a Shining fan since my childhood. Getting to play the second and third scenarios was something I never thought I’d be able to do. How can I donate to thank you for your efforts?

  25. Shadow says:

    I just have to thank you guys so much. I’ve always loved the SF series and was destroyed when I found out only scenario 1 would be brought to us English speakers. We have so much to thank you all for. Sega itself and all of the Sega Shining Force fans owe you greatly. I think Sega should really take this and enhance the graphics a bit for a re-release on one of the current systems… Heck even if they released it on the Wii exclusively I’d buy a Wii just for this. You guys are awesome and your dedication to this aging piece of art is amazing. Typically when groups get together to do these things after a year or so it gets dropped because they lose interest. But you did not, you have stayed true to this and we fans appreciate it. I second that you should make a donation link, you deserve it. I really wish that a Shining Force IV is on the horizon. By the way, any chance you’d take on Wachenroder?? LOL I’d really really love to play this one too but I suppose I can settle for playing it while reading the translated script that’s available =) Love you guys you’re the best.

  26. legalize freedom! says:

    Thank you and everyone else for the kind words!

    legalize freedom!

  27. thank you veeeeeeeeeeery much =D

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