Known Issues

Information- In general, more can be said in fewer characters in Japanese vs English, so there are some areas where abbreviations had to be used or imperfections had to be accepted. Having said that, the following are imperfections that we decided were worth living with. Most of them involve a small problem in one area of the game caused by making the majority areas better. These issues generally don’t appear in Sc1.

  1. Fixed in V22! On the save loading screen (where you pick which file you want to load), the first hero’s class “Swordsman” overlaps his level. The only way around this would be to use the four-character abbreviations from previous games. Since this is the only place this happens, it is more valuable to have all the character’s classes spelled out in the entire rest of the game. Note that when loading a save where the hero has been promoted to “Hero”, it looks fine. Oddly enough, this issue is seen in the screenshots in the original US retail version manual. Evidently before they repositioned the text for the final release.

  2. Fixed in V23! In the Status screen under Effects. When a character is affected by a status and the cure is “Antidote Herb” or “Fairy Powder”, the last letter of these two lands a bit outside the box. Compared to the other areas of the game where these items are seen, this box (when a condition exists) is referenced relatively less.
  3. Fixed in V23! On the Status screen, when scrolling to the left and right at the character select screen, the attribute names are not very well aligned with the values and LCK is overlapping MOV a bit. Again, we have to work with existing text locations.
  4. On the Status screen, some text characters will disappear. This is primarily seen in the latter half of the game when the screen is very full of text. It can affect a number of characters at the end of words. Scrolling down through text usually gives one effect while scrolling up gives another. This has been minimized since it was first discovered through trial and error. The cause seems to be a limit on the number of characters that can be on screen at once. While it is unnerving to the translation team, it is unlikely to affect anyone’s experience…
  5. Fixed in V23! The biographical encyclopedia (the bookcase in HQ) is in its original Japanese order, not roman alphabetical order. We have no control over this.
  6. Fixed in V23! In the Premium Disc character model viewer, several of the character names run over the box a bit.
  7. Fixed in V22! When patching with a PAL version Sc1, at the end of Sc1 during the conversations after Battle 27 in the Aspia Catacombs, mixed up lines have been noted by multiple sources. This occurs when you continue on past the battle towards the stone bridge during the cutscenes with the guards and with Fynnding. Other crashes have also been associated with this. For this reason, patching a PAL version of Sc1 is not ideal.

  8. When the Sc1 Golem boss from battle 23 and when any Sc2 Lizardman’s feet are frozen in place and they thaw, the message references the hero’s name. This appears to only happen with these two enemies and is believed to be a bug in the original game.