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Progress Report October 2020

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

Hello Shining Fans!

We approach the end of another year. That means there is a SF3 patch release coming soon! I will begin preparing the files for an early November test release as usual, followed by an early December release of V22!

The big news this year is that Knight 0f Dragon has been working on some bug fixes, etc. We will include what we can in these releases as we figure out how to implement the fixes into the patching process.
In the works are:

  • Garosh bug fix. This bug causes Garosh to lose stats on level up between 21 and 30 after his final promotion to Bow Master. (Sc3 only)
  • Ability to defeat the Titan as in the Japanese version.
  • A new patcher wizard. Literally a wizard since Master Gabriel will guide you through the process.

And possibly more. Stay tuned…

The Sc3 review is complete! Payments since the last update are as follows:
Aug 159.73
Sep 127.19
Oct 103.52 final
We have run about $70 short of paying for this with the donations so far, so I’m planning to open the link back up for a bit in case anyone wants to help. In addition to the remaining Sc3 review costs, I’m planning to submit the voices for translation review, so please consider that if you decide to donate. Small stuff beyond that. Maybe a few misc lines I ask him to look at. This will be what this link opening will be spent on. As before, I will close it down once I believe we have enough to complete the voices. As always, your help paying for this is greatly appreciated! – Link now closed

The Artbook work is progressing. We are currently done with the first 31 pages, minus the contents page. You will see finished pages sprinkle in throughout until we can get the profiles translated. Things are starting to get interesting as we wade into the Characters chapter!

Talk to you soon!

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