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SF3Patch Version 12 Released!

Monday, January 10th, 2011

It’s my pleasure to report V12 is ready to go and is available from the button to the right and the FTP.

The big thing is the insertion of the final part of Sc3. There should be no japanese or placeholders remaining in the game once patched. Limited work has also been done on the Sc3 bookcase, but don’t expect it to function correctly just yet.

Several small issues were taken care of including some of the battles where it would crash or act crazy upon a enemy’s turn where the name was missing. A large number of Sc3 files in particular had to be reduced in size, some by large amounts, so I had to take out some things that aren’t used. In some cases, I guessed wrong. Continue to post these types of issues if they turn up.

Thanks to everyone for getting the word out about our translator needs. Unfortunately, the project continues to need assistance finding qualified and willing japanese to english translators.

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