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Progress Report – March 2016

Friday, March 11th, 2016

I hope everyone is enjoying V17!

The big news since the last update is the development of a new patcher! After issues began to arise with Windows 10 and the Isomaker program, Knight 0f Dragon began working on a new custom patcher. It is still in development, but is functional and available so try it out, particularly if you are having issues. You can get it in the main directory of the FTP, tentatively named Unzip it anywhere. I’m posting this on the FTP for those who are having issues and/or simply want to try it out and give feedback. If you are interested in or want to comment on the code, Knight 0f Dragon has also posted a version that includes everything.

The new patcher automagically detects the disc in your physical drive (virtual drives not yet supported, but planned) and asks you to verify the scenario you want to patch. There is also an option to include paul_met’s excellent resolution mod which slightly increases the resolution and removes the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. PAL versions of Sc1 are currently not supported, but that is planned. Other functionality is also planned. For more information about the new patcher, you can follow its progress in the forum.

In other exciting news, the SF3 Let’s Play’s featuring V17 of the translation patch are in full swing:

Marauder EX is doing a great job of showcasing the translation, primarily the storyline dialog. He is currently nearing the end of Sc1. His Let’s Play is now featured on the Media page. I will also be providing him the latest files as he makes his way to Sc2.

RichterBelmont12’s Let’s Play is currently at the beginning of Sc2. This one doesn’t focus much on the dialog, so I’m not planning to feature it on the Media page, but these guys are entertaining.

On the progress side, I’m currently focused on polishing Sc2 Ch3. I’m trying to get as much polished as I can before Marauder EX reaches this point.

Until next time!


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