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Progress Report – April 2019

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

I hope everyone is enjoying V20!

Work continues in a few different areas. My review of Sc2 is continuing in Ch5. Saraband for the third and last time. It’s always a beast. I’ve been able to make many, many great improvements to Sc3 in particular as a result of the LPs happening now. Sc2 to a lessor extent as well. More about the LPs below.

There is an engaging discussion happening in the forum about David’s classes. What I initially believed to be a simple question has evolved into a more involved discussion. There are actually two threads, one being a poll that was a bit premature. I think another poll is in order once we come to some conclusion. Check it out and join the discussion.

Alot of good things have happened regarding the Hiroyuki Takahashi interview on the premium disc. GenmaTheSamurai requested a translation mostly for his own knowledge, I reached out to Mr2dax who has helped with our favorite project, and a couple of days later we had a translation! Genma has since put together a subtitled video on his channel.

Meanwhile, Elite Evil was working toward getting the best quality conversion of the video to edit with subtitles and actually get video back into the premium disc image. He has successfully completed a proof of concept! More on this to come, but I hope to have this interview subtitled in V21. Credit to Elite Evil (Let’s play like we’re Elite) for dreaming big.

There are more people playing SF3 (and the translation) on the internet than ever before. It seems to have caught on with the streaming crowd as well. All of the following are using V20:

GenmaTheSamurai has finished Sc3 and plans to do the PD at some point. Genma talks to most everyone, so this has really allowed my to make a pass on Sc3 in a relatively short amount of time. I’m not quite finished, but will be soon enough. Thanks Genma!

Maeths is currently in Ch3 of Sc2. He may be the best combination of knowledgable play and entertainment going right now. Check him out.

Let’s play like we’re Elite is nearing the end of Sc1. Another entertaining LP.

ARRPEEGEE (formally RPGnutter) has finished Sc1 and has started Sc2 but is moving pretty slow recently.

In addition to the standard LPs, there are a number of streamers playing SF3. We won’t be featuring any of these since they tend to be more about the stream than the game and from what I’ve seen the streamers generally have far less reverance for the game than dedicated LPers, so your milage may vary. That said, there are no fewer than five SF3 playthroughs happening on Twitch at the moment. I haven’t had a chance to check all of them out, but most appear to be using V20. I have popped in on BorgsRPGQuest and JasuBakuhatsu (who also posts his stream on YouTube) and got them to upgrade to the patch, so if you see any that aren’t using the translation patch, please advise them!

The Shining Fandom keeps chugging along!


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