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SF3Patch Version 22 Preview Posted!

Sunday, November 8th, 2020

The preview of SF3Patch V22 has been posted! Download with the button to the right.

Let me know if you need a zip version. Another instance of it flagging malware detection has been reported. There is no malware. Some software just doesn’t like the auto-unpacking exe.

There are a few specific things I’ll be looking into over the next month. The final release of V22 will be the first week of December as usual.

Please report any issues as comments here or in the forum HERE.
It’s especially important this time since we are releasing a new patch wizard for the first time. Please try it out and let us know how it works on your set up. Instructions have been added to the SF3 Patch Read Me.doc, so be sure to check those out.

We are still working through a few things on the new patch wizard, so it should be considered in the testing phase. Issues are possible and even expected. While all issues won’t be identified until after this preview release, issues patching Sc3 and the PD have been identified in testing and have not been fully resolved. Note the patching process should wrap up shortly (less than a minute) after the disc stops reading, but may fail or hang indefinitely. If you run into any issues or if Sc3 and the PD work fine for you, please reach out to us to report them in the SFC forum thread noted above or direct email link on the Credits and Contact page. Thanks in advance for reporting your experience!

What you can expect from V22 is nothing short of historic! Knight 0f Dragon has been busy this year, not only with the new wizard, but with some really exciting work on bug fixes and enhancements to the game. Once again, things Shining Force III fans didn’t know were possible are becoming reality. There will certainly be more in the future, but here is what will be included in V22:

  • Overlapping class and level text on the loading screen fixed (all scenarios)
  • The Titan’s barrier can be broken with the Elbesem Orb, so it can be defeated as in the Japanese version (Sc1 US and UK)
  • The mixed-up lines after the Catacombs (Sc1 battle 27) fixed. Basanda had an extra line in the UK version that was removed. (Sc1 UK)
  • Garosh bug fixed. This caused Garosh to lose stats instead of gaining when reaching levels 20-29 after his final promotion to Bow Master. (Sc3 and PD)
  • 60 Character bug fixed for the Premium Disc. Previously if the gameshark was used to add Rogan, another character had to be removed. This fix allows all 60 characters without crashing. (PD)

In honour of the Garosh bug being fixed, the V22 patch features his icon (thanks Special T!). Long shunned because of this bug, Garosh is now perfectly viable in Sc3 and the PD and I’m sure he will get some love in upcoming playthroughs.

There are a few minor updates to area and enemy names, but really who can bother with them in light of the bug fixes? If you’re interested, you can see them all in the Read Me version history. One I will note is Jane’s Thunder Wand, which she is equipped with if she is recruited for the PD, was identified and corrected. Name and Description.

We’ve wrapped up the Sc3 translation review and the voice translation effort is in progress. Thank you to everyone who donated to support this effort! I believe we are fully funded for this. Within just a few short days of opening the link, we had raised $325.00 for the voice translation effort. There are a total of 552 voice clips in the game including bosses and the Elise/Galm ending dialog. Exciting stuff. You’ll be hearing more of this effort in coming updates.


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