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SF3Patch Version 15 Released!

Friday, December 6th, 2013

The Shining Force III Translation V15 is now available! Download from the button to the right.

Pardon the long post, but I wanted to expand on some of the changes.
Along with the usual plethora of improvements, you can also expect the following in this version:

Several proper nouns were introduced and/or made more consistent. These are the most visible:

  • Bulzome Temple which was previously known by a handful of names including shrine and palace, is now consistent throughout. The main building is known as the Temple while the 2 smaller buildings are known as Shrines.
  • The previously referenced “ice field” among other less descriptive names, is now known as
    the Frozen Sea. A particularly attractive translation of the otherwise clunky previous description(s). This is the frozen water area around Bulzome Temple.
  • The terminology of the save game files is now consistent. They are now referred to as Records throughout. Previously they were called a handful of names such as files, saves, save games, records, etc. Other related terms have also been made consistent such as Overwriting records.

Some hard decisions were made on several class names. Those changed were deemed too long. They made the on-screen character box too long and contributed to the status screen ghosting issue.

Champion               (2nd)
Emperor                 (3rd)

Diva                       (2nd)
Queen                    (3rd)

Harold and Jade
Gunner                   (2nd)
Buster                    (3rd)

Ninja                      (2nd) Previously Master Kunoichi. Hated to change this, but just too long.

Mecha God             (3rd)

Godchild                (2nd) He’s known everywhere else as Godchild, but his class was Holy Child.

Due to a far-out revelation that Hedoba and David were named after the early 70’s singing duo, Hedoba is now known as Hedva. They were apparently a hit in Japan back in the day. The two Davids look exactly alike. Search for “Hedva and David”. Here is the forum thread:
and a video
David really turns on the charm 1:00 in.

Some weapon descriptions were updated thanks to research by Special T for his work on the Jumesyn site. Most were values that were off by one point. Most of the gloves were affected and a couple of the regen and spell levels were corrected.

And saving the best for last! The text on the PD images was re-imagined. Again thanks to Special T for his image work. They came out great!

Released in time to enjoy it over the holiday break. Enjoy!


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