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Progress Report – August 2018

Monday, August 6th, 2018

Hello SF3 fans! Not too much to report this time.

Work is ongoing in Sc2. I hope to finish polishing Ch4 for the release of V20!

On the LP front, Zanon has started Sc2 and Genma is wrapping up Sc2. Check the media page for links.

The first episode of the Shining Podcast! is being recorded and is in production. I won’t necessarily be covering the Shining Podcast! in this space, except for those that involve SF3 and the translation project, but once the initial episode is released, I’ll blast where to find it and you can follow from there.

You’ll hear from me again around the first of November when the V20 test files are released for a month of making-sure-nothing-is-wrong like usual.

Keep Shining!


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