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Progress Report – August 2014

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Hello shining fans!

I’m currently polishing in chapter 2 of Scenario 2. Having endured the cutscene fest at the beginning and Saraband (which is like 3 cities in one) in Ch1, I’m just finishing up the Stella battle in Anafect. It’s exciting to be able to consider such a large chunk of the project completed, but there is still obviously much to do. The most difficult polishing is ahead.

What I’m not so excited about is the roadblock I see not far ahead. Translators have only reviewed up until the middle of chapter 5 in Scenario 2… and there is still Scenario 3. I can’t stress enough how important this review is. Beforehand, much of the dialog is clunky and there are question marks. After the review everything flows smoothly and sense can be made of every line. The actions of the characters on screen also become apparent and are matched with the spoken dialog. That’s where we want to be.

There have been a few translator volunteers over the years, but only a couple have produced anything meaningful (thank you, thank you, thank you Atolm and Ryuu). I believe I know why. The translator program has been the method of communicating the lines to the translators and I hear from every one of them that the characters are jumbled or otherwise not correct, making it very difficult to translate.

I believe the solution is to screen capture the lines straight from the game. This should make things much easier on the translators, but will require some effort.

That’s where all you beautiful shining fans come in! I’m taking volunteers for this screen capture effort. The requirements are pretty simple. You need to be able to run SF3 on SSF and have Windows 7 (for the Snipping Tool) or have other means of quickly capturing windowed portions of the screen. If you are interested in helping out with this very important task, please EMAIL me. We can also discuss any specifics in the forum thread HERE.

Along with this effort, we obviously also need translator volunteers. Reading the lines will be much easier for you now, so please volunteer if you are qualified. I will be reaching out to all the previous volunteers. Wish me luck!

The next time you hear from me (around the first of Nov) I will be posting V16!


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