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SF3Patch Version 20 Released!

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

V20 is now ready for your enjoyment! Download with the button to the right.
A zip version is also available, but you will most certainly want the self-extractor due to this version using the Penko icon. Cutest patch ever 😛

Please report any issues or feedback in the forum HERE.

I’m very happy with what this year’s update brings. Let’s get down to the most visible updates.

  • In Saraband, each of the two large country headquarters now referred to as “command center” for clarity and contrast with the heros’ army headquarters’.
  • Many corrections and improvements, primarily in Sc2 and Sc3.

Small fixes to dialog in Sc1:

  • Hero meeting at the waterfall; Medion more clearly states Synbios’ need for Zero is greater than his own.
  • Switching point battle; Line about crushing the Republican dogs edited to more suit Medion’s character.
  • Palsis seeing the Titan at the bottom of the moat; He now acknowledges what Basanda reveals in the prior battle.


  • Ready for beta through chapter 4!
  • The large electrical devices at Elbesem Temple courtyard are now referred to as “Elbesem Temple Core”. The dialog review in this area more fully revealed exactly what these are and that is better reflected in the dialog now as well.


  • Battle 4 advice corrected. Previously it would seem as if the staff’s power had already been released.
  • Shortened the third promotion dialog (Elbesem… Grant your blessing…) to prevent it from overlapping Gracia’s face for everyone.
  • Church promotion lines tweaked to accommodate those with classes that begin with vowels.
  • Keeper now gives better directions to the hero test.

There are alot of epic events in Sc2 Chapter 4 that have been polished to a shine. After the horror of what they find on the way to Elbesem Temple, our heros save Gracia and he breaks the seal in a tense scene. They escape only to be caught in an epic two-part sea battle. General Rogan is deceived and finds himself in mortal danger. And finally, we see the beginnings of the Sc3 force splinter off in an emotional farewell. I told myself I wasn’t going to cry…

This will no doubt play out soon for all to see as there are two LPs that I expect will be starting Sc2 with V20 in the near future. Maeths is nearing the end of Sc1 Ch4 and a new entry RPGnutter is at the end of Sc1.
Meanwhile, GenmaTheSamurai has finished his Shining the Holy Ark LP and is ready to start Sc3 fresh with V20.

You can find these and many other excellent playthroughs on the Media page.



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