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SF3Patch Version 14 Released!

Monday, January 21st, 2013

The Shining Force III Translation V14 has been released! Download from the button to the right.

The V14 test period was fruitful and many improvements have been made over the last month or so. I’d like to thank everyone who provided feedback to help make V14 the best it could be.

The patch has come a long way since V13, and is getting better all the time. It’s amazing that the issues are now few enough that I’m able to ask the community for feedback on the entire package and address every comment in a single forum thread. Not that it is perfect yet (Sc3 in particular still has a little ways to go), but it is really coming together after all these years of effort.

It’s a great time to be a shining fan. It’s good to see all of us coming together to respond to recent events that threaten our community. It’s a perfect time to enjoy the latest and greatest SF3 translation patch!


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SF3Patch Version 14 Test Files Updated

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

SF3Patch V14 test files have been updated on the FTP. These include all fixes to date.

SFC member Kalcano and others have given some great feedback, particularly on Sc3 and I’d like to give him the opportunity to finish his playthrough before making V14 official. If you guys remember what Jokerx7 did for V13, I’m sure you can appreciate Kalcano’s effort. There’s not really a reason to rush it. Everyone has the test files to play with if you just can’t wait.

The extra time has also given me a chance to fully implement the bookcases in both Sc2 and Sc3. They are now fully functional.

The updated V14 test package is located on the FTP here: link

Please continue to report any problems to this SFC forum thread:



legalize freedom!