Progress Report – November 2012

Just a quick post to let everyone know I’m beginning the process of readying the files for release. This generally goes pretty quick for Sc1 and 2, but Sc3 takes a bit more effort.

I will post the new patch for testing as soon as I get Sc1 and 2 ready (note the PD has been updated significantly as well). I will post again when this happens. Anyone is welcomed to load the new patch up to make sure everything is working correctly and/or verify if your issues have been fixed while I work on getting Sc3 ready.

Translator mr2dax is taking advantage of an educational opportunity in Japan and is not currently contributing. He and I both hope he finds time to resume his work on Sc2 in the near future. The project finds itself in a familiar position of having no dedicated translator once again…


legalize freedom!

4 Responses to “Progress Report – November 2012”

  1. VyseLegendaire says:

    I among many others are still in frothing anticipation of your updates. I’ve already played through to the last boss of one of your previous versions on my modded saturn, but I wouldn’t mind doing it again with the 3rd chapter more fully translated. I wish there were more worthy games of this caliber coming out today…

  2. Shane says:

    Any news is good news 🙂
    Glad to see everything is still ticking along.
    Thanks for all your work and I love checking back here every so often and finding an update 😀

  3. Omnibot2000 says:

    Thank you very much for keeping this project alive. I’m looking forward to playing the final version on my modded Saturn one day. Keep up the great work!

  4. Slotcooch says:

    I live in Taiwan, where there’s tons of fuckin’ Japanese. I work with Japanese teachers.

    Finding one with passable English though.. that’s the trick.

    I know a professional Japanese translator, but she translates to Chinese. Her English isn’t GREAT… but she can have a conversation with you. Let me see if I can wrangle up some fuckin’ help. I know a lot of people here that study both English and Japanese. I definitely know people that know people that know English and Japanese.

    Do you have the stuff that needs to be translated somewhere so I can show them what needs to be done? I bet they won’t care about this, but they might do me a favor.

    I’m an old-school translator/ROM hacker myself, but my Japanese is mostly forgotten.

    legalize freedom! edit:
    Please have any potential translators email me directly. We would likely not be interested in a translator who is just doing a favor. We need interested parties. BTW, your communication skills seem to have improved quite a bit since your last post 😉

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