Progress Report – August 2019

Hello Shining Force III fans!

Is it that time already? Gearing up for V21 over the next couple of months…

If you have not already please be sure to vote in the ongoing poll threads regarding David’s classes and Spell names. There is plenty of description of the choices in the first post for both of these to help you make your choices. Both allow two selections so you can vote on both spell names and because there are so many good options for David’s classes. These will run until Oct. 10 and the results will be implemented in V21.

David’s Classes Decision

Spell Names Decision

For the Let’s Play update:

GenmaTheSamurai completed his SF3 LP including the PD. Thanks Genma!
Shining Force III Scenario 3 BLIND

Maeths is nearing the end of Sc2. I’m very much enjoying this LP!
Shining Force 3 Scenario 2

Let’s play like we’re Elite has finished Sc1. Let’s hope he returns for the other scenarios.
Let’s Play Shining Force 3 Scenario 1

ARRPEEGEE has resumed his playthrough of Sc2 and is currently at the end of Ch2.
Shining Force III

Also on the Twitch front Ic3lion has completed all three scenarios and I have it on good confidence that he plans to look at the PD as well in the near future.

And last, but certainly not least, the Shining Podcast lives! A podcast exploring the classic Shining games. (from the description) Episode 0 – Why Shining Force? invites some of the biggest Shining Force fans to share how they found Shining Force and what they love about the games. This serves as a pilot of sorts for the podcast. Future episodes will dive into the games themselves. Topics such as lore, strategy, characters, items, etc. There is no set timetable for release. These will be a labor of love and will be produced on a relaxed schedule.

Episode 0 – Why Shining Force? has been released on the Shining Force Magic! YouTube channel and website. I created Shining Force Magic! to serve as a repository for shining related projects including the Shining Podcast! The website is very basic at the moment, just to give us a place to host the MP3 (audio only) version of the podcast, but we will be making improvements in the short term and I plan to implement a proper design for the site at some point. So if you would like to contribute to any of this, including the website design, please contact me on the credits page or at our new SFM! email.

Go check it out now and be sure to subscribe.
100 subs and we get a custom url that will be easier to share.
Episode 0 – Why Shining Force?

Exciting stuff!
You’ll hear from me again in November when you can expect your first look at V21!

legalize freedom!

3 Responses to “Progress Report – August 2019”

  1. NG says:

    I hope you don’t actually make the decision based on the 2~5 votes that separate the choices on the forums. Bolt and Desoul are infinitely more charming and meaningful to Shining Force fans who played the series in English than Spark and Soul Steal imo.

    legalize freedom! edit:
    Generally yes, that’s what the votes are for. When things are super close, I hesitate to make a change anyway. Bolt vs Spark was certainly a surprise. Going in I was certain Bolt would run away with it based on feedback over the years, but there are apparently a lot of folks who like it the way it is. People feel different about things and I’m alright with that.

  2. from the beginning says:

    never mind…went searching this morning, n found exactly 1 reference to this:

  3. from the beginning says:

    Hey again to legalize n all of his fully promoted party helping him with sf3trans. So first off, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who makes this happen, and allowed me to play all 3 scenarios…will eventually get around to the PD, but have to finish the entire SF saga first (just finished “Wisdom”, n working on Holy Ark now). But I just noticed something when I was replaying the final battle with Bulzome. After Julian n Jane leave for Sorrow, n the credits roll, after the option to save, n “The End” screen, if you leave the game alone for a minute or so (I was on the phone when I noticed this, as I was distracted n not continuing to game at the time), an easter egg “after credits” cut scene plays, like in the movie theater!!

    HOWEVER, since this is voice acted, with no text, it’s of course in Japanese, so no way for us English-speakers to know what’s going on…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! The artwork looks very similar to Tony Taka’s from “Shining Wind” (YES legalize, I eventually caved, bought a Japanese ps2, n used a couple English-translated walkthroughs/guides…and actually played the game through to completion, getting all the items and leveling up all the party members to between 45-50…MAN THAT WAS FUN!!). So I’m wondering if there’s a connection between SF3 and the ps2 SF games, and of course the main reason, since you guys are masters at translation, WHAT in the world are they saying in that end-credits cutscene?? THANKS AGAIN, n keep up the AWESOME work…it is TRULY appreciated!!

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