SF3Patch Version 21 Released!

V21 is ready to go! Download with the button to the right.

Please report any issues or feedback in the forum HERE.

Here are this year’s most visible changes:

Many small corrections and improvements, primarily in Sc2 and Sc3.

• Waltz and Justin’s starting classes are now Ranger (Justin’s is never seen in game) to align with series established class for Centaur archers.
• David’s classes are now as follows: Elven Ranger > Striker > Commando
• Hero final class (Synbios, Medion and Julian) is now Champion
• Penn second class is now Dynamo

Penn’s level 3 beak special is now Volcano

Added blue highlight to shop haggle item lines.

• In the end of battle 20 dialog, it’s made clearer that Conrad’s ailment can’t be cured/healed
• Ch5 Tower Ruins are now Lookover Ruins

• Improvements to the HQ Dragon and Beast lines.
• Ch1 End of Battle 1 – Bresby no longer appears surprised he has been “asked” to battle the Walcuray.
• End of Ch3 – Synbios is more forward/less passive about his desire to stop the fighting/war.
• Ch5 Battle 19 – states more clearly this battle is the first trial.
• Ch6 Battle 27 – fixed lines where Spiriel was killed. Previously, both branches read as if she was spared.

• Small correction in Battles when Unoma is speaking.

Remember we still need a translator to continue our accuracy review of Sc3. Please contact me if you are or know a qualified Japanese to English translator. Thank you!

Keep Shining!

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3 Responses to “SF3Patch Version 21 Released!”

  1. Cody says:

    Follow up, i found error, reinstalled the 1. patcher to desktop, 2. created files to desktop 3. moved files to the sf3patcher folder 4. file was created without paul met checked, worked. now to go recreate other discs without paul met.

  2. Cody says:

    hi, i cant seem to get disc 2 to boot up. Disc 1, 3, and Premium boot up. please let me know if there is error i can fix.

  3. Miller says:

    Very happy to see work on this is still progressing. Awesome work!

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