SF3Patch Version 23 Released!

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There are some great improvements with V23 which you will see below. It’s not the usual timing, but we wanted to get these fixes out to you asap. The list of items remaining to be fixed is shrinking, but there are still several items Knight 0f Dragon is working on for future release, so stay tuned.

Here are the updates in V23:

Patch Wizard

  • Corrected an issue with different date formats in different parts of the world.
  • Implemented improved compression – the same compression as the developer used.
  • ISO export option added to replace Isomaker (note ISO is not the recommended format to use).

Scenario 1

  • Conrad’s health set to 3 HP in battle 20 to reflect his dire situation.
  • A bug with the Elbesem Orb was corrected. Previously if Kahn’s inventory was full when Zero took the Orb initially (Sc1 Ch4), you get back an unequipable version of the orb (verified working by Kaz on Discord).
  • A bug was fixed which caused the Chicken to appear in Storich even when it hadn’t been befriended on the train. It wouldn’t hatch Penn’s egg, it just caused confusion.

Scenarios 2 and 3

  • The Biographical Encyclopedia (commonly known as the bookcase) in HQ is now in alphabetical order.

Scenarios 2, 3 and Premium Disc

  • On the main Status Screen scrolling left and right at the character select screen, LCK and MOV are no longer overlapping one another.
  • On the Status screen the box bounding the Cure area was enlarged so when an Effect is present, the cures, such as the lengthy Antidote Herb, do not flow outside the box.

Scenario 3

  • In a few places an emoji with a Japanese kanji is used to signify embarrassment. This was replaced with an image of an uncomfortable face with red cheeks.
  • {spoiler} Due to the difference in characters between the Japanese and English, the secret of JuMeSyn was coming out JuMSy in-game. The correct number of letters is now used when creating this name.

Premium Disc

  • In the Model Viewer, the name box was enlarged so no names run out of the box.
  • The models in the Model Viewer are now in alphabetical order.
  • In the Image Viewer, many of the images were cleaned up. Some contained Japanese text that was unreadable due to the resolution, so the text was removed and other minor edits to make the images more presentable. (Special T)
  • In the Image Viewer, the “Controls” images were translated. This includes the small image which shows that the Start button is used to see the controls as well as the Controls image itself that shows all the controls for the Image Viewer. (Special T)
  • In the Video Viewer, the ending video labels (the bottom two in the left column) are now hidden as they should be if a completed save is not present and appear only when a complete save is present.

Text and Dialog

  • Many minor corrections, primarily in Sc3.
  • On the main Status screen it previously listed “LOSES”. This has been changed to “DEFEAT”. Can’t quite get the S in there due to space, but I suspect this will be further improved in a future patch. No one is going to have more than 1 defeat anyway, right? 🙂
  • In Sc1 and Sc2, Dialog from the first hero meeting tweaked to reflect that Dantares and Campbell actually faced off in the fabled battle at the border. An event that was toned down in the English release.
  • In Sc1 and Sc2, Garosh’s winged friends are now consistently referred to as pigeons as opposed to a mix of pigeon and dove. Not a huge distinction, but consistency makes things roll a bit better.
  • {spoiler} In Sc2 Ch5 Governor’s Mansion, if you don’t find the room with the four chests before battle 21 (Saraband Prison battle), the message at the door now provides a clue about needing to find them during the previous “stealth” sequence.
  • In Sc3, In light of the details discovered about Isabella’s backstory during the World Book translation effort, a few lines were tweaked to better represent Isabella’s perspective. For example, she now consistently refers to Melinda as Aunt Melinda. A name that she fondly uses due to their special bond. See link below for some tidbits that the World Book translation has provided.
  • In PD Model Viewer, once you have a model up on screen, pressing Start will bring up the controls (different from the Image Viewer Controls image, this one is text). These control descriptions have been greatly improved including adding arrows and improving the clarity of the descriptions.
  • In PD Image Viewer under Drafts, changed the village in the trees description to Amity Village, see tidbits link below.

Not bad for a mid-year offering, huh? We’ve marked four more items off the Known Issues list. There are only 2 items left on that list. The very rare frozen feet bug (when specific enemies’ feet thaw, the message names the hero) which we are working on and the text ghosting on the status screen which I believe we could also cross off since we have fixed all known instances of that. Feels good.

We’ll have to see what December brings. It may be while we are coordinating these in-game bug fixes and enhancements, the release schedule will be a bit more flexible than usual.

Notes about using the view mod option…
This option adds a few pixels of resolution, but comes with a couple of side effects.

  • On 2D screens, including the title splash screen, the image will be slightly stretched.
  • In the PD in particular there is likelihood for weirdness. To begin with it has many 2D screens which will be slightly off.
  • In the PD Image Viewer, the Controls image does not appear correctly when using the view mod on certain emulators. It does work correctly on newer versions of emulators and on Saturn hardware.

It’s probably reasonable to recommend against using the view mod for the PD and purists may opt to not use it at all. Your mileage may vary.

Notes about the older patching options:
The patch wizard detects your exact game version and patches it specifically. The older patching options did not which made them complicated to maintain alongside the patch wizard, especially trying to provide all the bug fixes and enhancements enabled by the patch wizard. We are happy with the stability and reliability of the patch wizard, so the other patching options are being phased out. We kept them around for a backup during the patch wizard development, but they are no longer a good option.

Speaking of tidbits gleaned from the World Book translation effort so far, I’d like to share a few things we’ve discovered that I find interesting. A forum post/discussion seems most appropriate. Check it out HERE.

The World Book Translation effort continues to make good progress. The only thing that has been missing from our profile output to this point is the overworld sprites. We have been using those from the scans up until now and it’s something we knew we would be going back to update when the sprites were acquired and we worked out the process of sizing, etc. K0D has since provided us with a game rip of all the sprites and Special T has been working behind the scenes to find and prepare the needed overworld sprites for the profiles. We are now revisiting all the previously released profiles to add the crisp new sprites and moving forward with the queue of sponsored profiles. Look for releases in the near future!

We hope you enjoy V23! It will feature Kahn’s icon in celebration of his bug being fixed. As always, let us know if something isn’t working for you.

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