Progress Report May 2022

Hello all you shining people! Exciting things are happening and I wanted to give you a (past due) update.

On the in-game fixes side, a couple issues have been fixed from the previous patch and a couple of new fixes are being worked on for V24 along with the normal slew of text updates.

One unfortunate finding. One of our volunteer translators from some time ago appears to have done sub-par work. In many cases their translations have proved to be inaccurate. This will require a review of all their work included in 19 game files in Sc2. I’m planning to ask Switch to review these and I’ve re-opened the Paypal Me link for anyone who would like to help pay for his services. I was apprehensive about a paid translator, but Switch has been very reasonable and has done stellar work for both the SF3 and World Book translation projects. Any donations for this review are much appreciated! Link Closed

Some amazing folks have been doing great things on the hacking side for SF3. Editors and Mods are starting to be developed. To be clear, these are separate from our patch, but are compatible with our patch by design. To hear about these things as they are happening, you can join the SF3 Discord:

And now K0D officially has some company. Rikapso has joined our team to help with the various fixes we have planned. Having crafted a ton of game editors and mods recently… it’s really great stuff. Here is a list of what is currently available:

SF3 Chaos (randomizer) – CirrusAF and Rikapso bring you this mod (compatible with the translation patch, but check the known issues) that randomizes character joins, hidden items, haggles in shops, boss drops, ruin items and what friendship bonuses that characters provide. Quite an impressive feat. I’m happy to announce its 1.0 release is coming soon. This will be hosted on the FTP under the new Mods directory just as soon as it is ready.


Editors from Rikapso:

  • Items/Spells
  • Special Attacks/Friendships/Crit Rate/XP Cap
  • Enemy/NPC stats
  • Battle Placement
  • Item/Spell Icons
  • Character/Starting stats
  • Disable Curse Battle Paralyze (how-to guide)
  • Edit Enemies/NPCs in Battle


Mods from Rikapso:

  • No More Haggles – Puts all haggle items automatically into the deals section.
  • Donhort Playable – Allows the player to control Donhort in scenario 2.
  • Premium Disc Galm Battle – Adds a battle against Galm to the PD. (work in progress)
  • Permadeath Mod – No Reviving Characters (work in progress)
  • Difficulty Mod – Inspired by suggestions from SFC member Sinful Force, this edits the difficulties

Wow… is all I can say. Pretty easy to see why we wanted Rikapso on our team. 🙂

The SF3 World Book Translation effort continues to make good progress with relatively steady releases. We’re ever so close to finalizing the Holy Ark character profile page and we can’t wait to share those profiles with you. However, some effort has been allocated to the new SF3 Guide Project which has recently been moved to a front burner due to a volunteer emerging to help with the html aspect.

For the uninitiated, the SFIII Guide Project, born during a Jumesyn site outage, started as an effort by Special T to back up the Jumesyn site for posterity and ultimately share a modernized and updated guide. SFC member eddebaby has stepped forward to help with the finer points of html. Thanks for volunteering, eddebaby!

With our new html developer on board, this has become an effort to create the ultimate guide for SF3. Three different versions are planned. A website, a stand-alone website to be packaged with the Translation Project patch, and a spoiler-free version (that is planned for a bit later) that starts with basic information, but reveals more details the more you expand it. The website is in early stages now, planning and making templates, but eddebaby is doing some nice work!

Lots of exciting things happening with our favorite game!


legalize freedom!

4 Responses to “Progress Report May 2022”

  1. UndisputedGOAT says:

    Okay, in sf3 translation\sf3patchwizard\patcher there are 4 folders : 6106979; GS-9188; GS-9203; MK-81383. Which one do I put the files in? The file names in the mod do not match any files in any of the folder and so I’m not sure what I’m overwriting or where to put them.

    legalize freedom! edit:
    You don’t say which mod you’re talking about or which scenario it is for, but MK-81383 is Sc1, GS-9188 is Sc2, GS-9203 is Sc3 and 6106979 is the PD.

  2. ot4ku says:

    thanks! already looking forward to v24 🙂 great work!

  3. UndisputedGOAT says:

    how exactly does one apply any of the mods made by Rikapso?

    legalize freedom! edit:
    The mods will come with a .BIN file or two. Overwrite the file(s) located at
    SF3 Translation\SF3PatchWizard\Patcher before running the translation patch.
    Be sure to backup the directory as is beforehand in case you want to remove the mod(s).

  4. Rich says:

    $upported the translation review! Thanks for doing things right

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