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Progress Report – Oct. 2011

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

The first announcement is that all progress reports will now be delivered here on the official site in this format. The old forum Progress Report thread will remain, but will no longer be updated.

As the release of V13 continues to draw closer, I’ll begin with everything that has been done or is in the process of being done for this release.

  1. All names are in their final resting places.
  2. The other name slots are being used to help reduce file size and increase the available length of the chapter endings (primarily Sc2 since Sc3 uses all the name slots).
  3. All chapter endings inserted.
  4. Insert all the translation reviewed Sc2 content (through section 5-1) and give the rest a proofreading review.
  5. Insert the final area of Sc3.
  6. Proper noun review for Sc1 and Sc2. (making sure proper nouns are used and capitalized correctly and consistently)
  7. Prepare Sc1 for beta testing.

Everyone should be aware of the consequences of item 1. There were a couple of name slots that were not consistent through the three scenarios. Generally speaking a character’s name used a different slot in one scenario than in another.

I have made all the name slots consistent, but  the catch is that names are saved with the save file. That’s why you get english names for the Sc1 characters when you start Sc2 from a completed english Sc1 complete file.

If you load a save game started from the original or a previous patch, you may experience some name switching. There are two solutions to this. 1. Start a new game. 2. Use BoneIdol’s SF3 Save Editor to change the affected names to their correct values.

Now for the stuff I still want to get done before releasing V13.

  1. Still need the Sc3 chapter endings.
  2. A couple of files remain to complete the proofreading review referenced in item 4 above.
  3. The Sc1 proper noun review is being completed in conjunction with my playthrough to prepare it for beta. The Sc2 files after 5-1 are being done with the proofreading review. The rest of Sc2 will follow.
  4. I will continue to make progress on my Sc1 playthrough and get as many chapters ready for beta as I can for this release. My goal is to finish Sc1, but I’m not going to delay the release to that end. Currently chapters 1-3 have been completed and I’m near the end of chapter 4. After V13 is released, I will begin to assemble the Sc1 beta test team.

I will say in general this will be a Sc1 and Sc2 focused release. I’m currently thinking V14 will include the Sc3 proper noun review and the preparation of Sc2 for beta testing.

Special T has finished the cd images and we are currently working through the dvd box cover, credit list for the back of the world map and certainly not least, a logo for the SF3 Translation Project. I believe these represent the last of our image work, although, I’m planning to commission an artist for the front of the dvd cover, so I wouldn’t expect it to be completed for some time. He has also put some nice icons together for us and I will be including these in the V13 patch install. Just change your SSF icon and point to the one(s) you want to use.

Look for V13 around the first of the year!


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