Patch Instructions

I. Downloads
SF3Patch.exe (this package) – Self-extracting install includes everything you need to create a patched disc image/CD from the original disc. (by request) – If there are issues with virus software flagging the self-extracting install and you are not comfortable disabling your virus software for the download and install, this is the patch in zip form. Simply unpack where you would normally install.

Other downloads needed for using an emulator:
(this info is a bit outdated, but SSF is still a valid option)
Saturn Emulator – SSF works, but it isn’t perfect.
There are also some newer, more involved options available.

SSF – emulator of choice for those who have the computer hardware to run it.
            012 beta          –           Newest recommended version
            009 alpha R4.exe        –           If you have any issues try this version
Virtual Clone Drive or Daemon Tools – Virtual drive software used with all emulators
            SetupVirtualCloneDrive5500.exe – Get the latest HERE
            daemon4123-lite.exe – Get the latest HERE

These files are available from the SF3 Translation project FTP courtesy of Moogie and Shining Force Central.
Right click and “Save Target As…” to download files. Single left click on a txt file to view.

II. Patching Process

Once the patched BIN or ISO has been created it can be played using an emulator or burned to a CDR to be played in a Saturn that is able to play backups (mod-chipped, ODE installed, etc). This method will work with all of the Shining Force III discs.

Notes about the older patching options:
The patch wizard detects your exact game version and patches it specifically. The older patching options did not which made them complicated to maintain alongside the patch wizard, especially trying to provide all the bug fixes and enhancements enabled by the patch wizard. We are happy with the stability and reliability of the patch wizard, so the other patching options are being phased out. We kept them around for a backup during the patch wizard development, but they are no longer a good option.


SF3Translation.exe (patch wizard located in the SF3PatchWizard directory)
The SF3Translation.exe will work with a physical CD drive or a virtual drive and uses the BIN/CUE format. Windows 7/8/10 are supported. (Mac coming soon!)

1. Place the game CD in an available CD drive or mount the image in a virtual drive. Supports multiple images mounted at once.

  • The disc (or disc image) must be the original game so the patch wizard can identify it as such and patch it properly. It doesn’t have to be the originally pressed disc, but it does need to be an exact copy or image of an original disc. Pre-patched images will not work.
  • The Scenario 1 patch requires the NA or PAL version. It will not work correctly with the Japanese version.
  • Not all virtual drives will work to mount for patching, Daemon Tools Lite is recommended if you plan to use it during patching, Virtual Clone Drive will not work for this purpose.
  • Verify you have enough hard drive space for patching. 1 GB is a safe amount.

2. Launch SF3Translation.exe.
The first time you launch the exe you will be prompted to download and install Windows library which is a one-time install that is required for the patch wizard app. Select the version that is right for your system x64 (52mb) or x86 and download.

When it has finished downloading, go to the file and install. Once the library has been installed, re-launch SF3Translation.exe.
The message will continue to appear so long as it hasn’t been installed. If you need to find it manually, here is the link:

3. Gabriel is your personal patching wizard. He will auto-detect which scenario is in the drive and ask you to verify. You can use the arrow keys to change the selection or click on your selection with the mouse. Click or enter to select Yes or No.

4. You will have an opportunity to enable the view increase mod.
Click or enter to select Yes or No.

  • paul_met’s view increase mod provides a slightly higher resolution that increases the screen size by a few pixels. May not be ideal for all set-ups and causes stretching on 2D screens such as the title screens. Issues have been noted with the PD on some emulators.

In addition to the translation, other bug fixes and enhancements will be applied automatically depending on the scenario and version you are patching. The fixes are as follows:

  • Overlapping class and level text on the record loading screen fixed (all scenarios)
  • The Titan’s barrier can be broken with the Elbesem Orb, so it can be defeated as in the Japanese version (Sc1 NA and PAL)
  • The mixed-up lines after the Catacombs (Sc1 battle 27) fixed. Basanda had an extra line in the PAL version that was removed. (Sc1 PAL)
  • Garosh bug fixed. This caused Garosh to lose stats instead of gaining when reaching levels 20-29 after his final promotion to Bow Master. (Sc3 and PD)
  • 60 Character bug fixed for the Premium Disc, previously if the gameshark was used to add Rogan, another character had to be removed. This fix allows all 60 characters without crashing. (PD)
  • A bug with the Elbesem Orb was corrected. Previously if Kahn’s inventory was full when Zero took the Orb initially (Sc1 Ch4), you get back an unequipable version of the orb.
  • {spoiler} A bug was fixed which caused the Chicken to appear in Storich even when it hadn’t been befriended on the train. It wouldn’t hatch Penn’s egg, it just caused confusion. (Sc1)
  • The Biographical Encyclopedia (commonly known as the bookcase) in HQ is now in alphabetical order. (Sc2 and Sc3)
  • On the main Status screen scrolling left and right at the character select screen, LCK and MOV are no longer overlapping one another. (Sc2, Sc3 and PD)
  • On the Status screen the box bounding the Cure area was enlarged so when an Effect is present, the cures, such as the lengthy Antidote Herb, do not flow outside the box. (Sc2, Sc3 and PD)
  • {spoiler} Due to the difference in characters between the Japanese and English, the secret of JuMeSyn was coming out JuMSy in-game. The correct number of letters is now used when creating this name. (Sc3)
  • The models in the (PD) Model Viewer are now in alphabetical order.
  • In the (PD) Image Viewer, many of the images were cleaned up. Some contained Japanese text that was unreadable due to the resolution, so the text was removed and other minor edits to make the images more presentable.
  • In the (PD) Image Viewer, the “Controls” images were translated. This includes the small image which shows that the Start button is used to see the controls as well as the Controls image itself that shows all the controls for the Image Viewer.

5. Browse to the location you want to place the CUE/BIN files and provide a name for the files. If you are overwriting, be sure the CUE/BIN isn’t currently mounted and select the BIN file to overwrite. Note you can also choose to save to the (single file) ISO format, but that is not the recommended format to use. Click Save to start the patching process.

6. Wait for the Now Loading… to finish. It’s recommended to allow the patch to finish before launching any other computer activities.

7. Gabriel welcomes you back and reports patching success or failure. He then asks if you would like to patch another disc. If Yes is selected, he will invite you to ready the next disc. Once you press any key to continue, the patch wizard will start again. If multiple disc images are currently mounted, you need only press any key to continue.

8. Use virtual drive software to mount the .BIN (or .CUE) file and run with an emulator or burn the CUE/BIN to a CDR to use in a modded Saturn.

The patching process should wrap up a few seconds after the disc stops reading. If you run into any issues, please reach out to us to report them. The best place will be the SFC forum thread noted in the release announcement here on the official site or direct email link on the Credits and Contact page of the official site.