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Fundraising for Retropalooza

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Those interested in donating to offset the cost of the SF3 Translation Project’s presence at Retropalooza can do so through this link:

I decided to go with PayPal. It may be the least flashy, but it’s easy and I don’t anticipate this being a big operation.


The Shining Force III Translation Project has always been and always will be a volunteer effort that has refused donations from supporters, so it is a little awkward to now be fundraising for this event, but I think it makes sense in this situation. I have put countless hours and resources into this project personally and I’m not interested in profiting from this event. On the contrary, I will be committing a tidy sum to make it happen.

I want to explain what the funds are being raised for and where they will go. Many of the amounts aren’t known currently, but will be filled in as things come together. Many of these items could be reused for future events as well.

$130 Retropalooza booth (with electricity)
$100 Full Colour Banner (8′-0″x 3′-0″)
$100 Business Cards (1000 Front and Back with metallic finish)
$100 Game Stations and Tablecloths
$100 Big Screen mobile stand
$80  Game Giveaways

Using my own
48″ TV (for big screen video, buying new for this event, but I will use it afterwards)
40″ TV (for hardware setup, buying new for this event, but I will use it afterwards)
27″ Computer monitor (for emulation setup)
Computer (for emulation setup)
Laptop Computer (for big screen video)
Modded Saturn (for hardware setup)

I don’t know what the total will be and probably won’t until it is done, but any remaining funds will go to the SFC annual beg for site hosting.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Update (March 14):
All the major pieces are in place for the big day. The new TVs, mobile stand, banner, business cards and game stations are all in hand. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to test the hardware setup and take care of some minor stuff. That’s about all that’s left on my part until the week of.

Big thanks to Special T for once again coming through for the SF3 Translation Project! He’s always there when image work is needed. Special T produced the images used for the banner (which is a re-creation of the official site header) and the business cards. The cards feature the SF3 logo with lightning and a stylish “Translation Project” text on a black background. On the back are the two website urls (SFC and this site). Everything came out really good! I’ll be posting some pictures soon!

Huge thanks to ProDaKah! for volunteering to capture and produce the video to be shown on the big screen during the event. This will feature several dialog sections as well as many spells and specials. ProDaKah! plans to be done with the capturing in a couple of weeks, leaving a couple of weeks for production. Truthfully, this requires the most effort out of anything and I REALLY appreciate ProDaKah! taking it on! We will have a much better showing because of his efforts. Thank you, ProDaKah!

And finally, I would like to thank everyone who has donated so far! We definitely have enough to cover the booth fee already! Thanks everyone for helping out!


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SFIII Translation at Retropalooza!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

I’m excited to announce the Shining Force III Translation Project will have a booth at the upcoming Retropalooza Houston on April 22-23, 2017!

I would like to invite anyone interested and able to attend. It would be really nice to get a few SF3 fans out to show support and maybe help watch the booth. The ultimate would be if we could get three people to cosplay the heros 🙂

We’ll see what all is possible, but I’m planning to have 2-3 screens. One large one with a looping video and two with live gameplay. One will be emulated and one using a Saturn. And of course a banner and some cards to give away.

In order for all this to happen, I’ll need a bit of help. I’m hoping someone is interested in editing together a video or two. A design for the banner and cards will also be needed. I’m considering doing some fundraising to help offset the cost, but I haven’t decided how to go about that yet. Stay tuned.

Tickets are only $20 for both days, so you are primarily looking at travel and hotel expenses. I can help advise on that if you are on a tight budget. Please contact me or post in the FORUM if you are interested and able to attend.


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