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Progress Report – June 2016

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Hello Shining Fans!

Just a quick update to let you know what is going on.

We have reached a great milestone! Tasia (noted as Kaivokz on the credits page) has finished the review of Sc2! Even better news than that is she plans to continue to contribute with the Sc3 review! This is fantastic news for the translation project! Thank you for your continued contribution, Tasia!

Before I continue the polishing of Sc2 and incorporating the remaining Sc2 review, I plan to focus on the newly reviewed Sc2 ending. It ties in with the events at the end of Sc1 and needs to be coordinated and polished as a priority.

I’m playing Sc3 for the first time! While thoroughly enjoying myself, my purpose is to correct anything that is severely lacking or just plain wrong in the process. I’ll probably also try to polish the Sc3 opening scene, at least partially in anticipation of the current Let’s Play’s making it to Sc3 in the near future. The Sc3 dialog has not gotten very much love to date. It’s there and you can follow what is happening, but it will require a lot of work that most certainly won’t happen before the LPs reach it, but I wanted to make sure there weren’t any really bad spots.

Speaking of, thanks for the feedback on the Sc3 issues posted in the forum. There are some really good suggestions. Many of which are not being considered due to length. Please continue to post suggestions if you have them. The ninja hand sign names I mentioned as favorites fit well and are particularly attractive because they are so short while still having a lot of character. And for Rollie’s attack, I’ll go with Unicorn Buck for now and see how that looks in game.

The SF3 Let’s Plays continue to showcase the translation and provide excellent entertainment. Marauder EX is currently in Sc2 Ch2 while RichterBelmont12 is in Sc2 Ch5. But wait! We have a new LP as well. DaTruthDT is currently up to Sc1 Ch3. He has a smooth and candid commentary style. Check him out!

I have added the RichterBelmont and DaTruthDT LPs to the media page. I recommend you check them all out as they scratch different itches for SF3 fans.


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