SFIII Translation at Retropalooza!

I’m excited to announce the Shining Force III Translation Project will have a booth at the upcoming Retropalooza Houston on April 22-23, 2017!

I would like to invite anyone interested and able to attend. It would be really nice to get a few SF3 fans out to show support and maybe help watch the booth. The ultimate would be if we could get three people to cosplay the heros 🙂

We’ll see what all is possible, but I’m planning to have 2-3 screens. One large one with a looping video and two with live gameplay. One will be emulated and one using a Saturn. And of course a banner and some cards to give away.

In order for all this to happen, I’ll need a bit of help. I’m hoping someone is interested in editing together a video or two. A design for the banner and cards will also be needed. I’m considering doing some fundraising to help offset the cost, but I haven’t decided how to go about that yet. Stay tuned.

Tickets are only $20 for both days, so you are primarily looking at travel and hotel expenses. I can help advise on that if you are on a tight budget. Please contact me or post in the FORUM if you are interested and able to attend.


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4 Responses to “SFIII Translation at Retropalooza!”

  1. Cesar says:


    Just wanted to let you guys know that this is awesome! I wish I could make it, but I’m from Brazil and I can’t just travel there (believe me, I wanted!)

    Keep rocking!

  2. Roberto says:

    Another Brazilian fan, I’d love to be there also.
    Thanks for making our dreams a reality.
    Roberto from Brazil!

  3. Omnibot2000 says:

    It’s the time of the year again to tell you that you are awesome! Keep up the great work!

  4. shintocetra says:

    It’s funny that you mention a convention cause I am working on a Noon cosplay (mainly so I can shout “Now bear my arctic blast!” to random people at cons.) Sadly I live far from Texas so I doubt I can attend, have fun and thanks for all your hard work on the SF3trans! I’m almost done with Sc3.

    legalize freedom! edit:
    That’s epic.

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