SF3Patch Version 18 Released!

V18 is here! Download from the button to the right.

Please report any issues on the FORUM.

In addition to the many corrections and improvements made throughout, these items will be the most visible.

  • Battle and search messages made consistent in present tense
  • Some battle messages made clearer (charmed in particular)
  • Friendship bonuses given more descriptive names (Crit Evade vs Succumb) and better descriptions
  • Ruin Maps given identifiable names and descriptions based on feature and location.
  • Permanent increase items given better descriptions
  • A few special attacks renamed for various reasons (Flash Kill, Chaos Cauldron, Penguin Butt)
  • Tybalts special attacks in the final battle of Sc2 corrected
  • Names of Pappets’ beasts corrected
  • Names of Domaric’s security detail renamed to Royal Guard to differentiate from Spiriel’s White Knights
  • Three ninjas in Sc3 battle 13 given descriptive names (Rin Ninja, Zai Ninja and Jin Ninja). For more information on what these mean, search the internet for “ninja hand signs”.
  • Several entries in the bookcase (both Sc2 and Sc3) corrected and/or improved
  • Cutscene from the end of Sc2 and the beginning of Sc3 (on the ship) coordinated
  • Hero meeting 4 (on the bridge) coordinated in Sc3
  • New patcher (SF3TranslationPatcher.exe) included and documented in the Read Me as well as on the Patch Instructions page

Sc2 is now ready for beta through the beginning of Ch4.



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3 Responses to “SF3Patch Version 18 Released!”

  1. Roberto says:

    Amazing as always, thanks a lot!

  2. Prodakah says:

    Can’t wait to give this a try before the New Year. What you and the entire translation team have done for the fans is nothing short of incredible. In other words: thank you!

  3. Tsubasa says:

    Thank you!

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