SF3Patch Version 19 Preview Posted!

The SF3Patch V19 preview has been posted to the FTP. Download with the button to the right.

Please try out the new patch and report any issues in the forum HERE.

Work will continue over the next month before the official release, so be sure to update again next month.

until then,


legalize freedom!

One Response to “SF3Patch Version 19 Preview Posted!”

  1. Cesar says:

    Hi there! Just a quick question: I’ve been trying to download the patch for the last couple of days and my antivirus is accusing that there is a “win32:Evo-gen” virus. Has anyone else had the same problem? I’m asking because it never happened before. Thanks!

    legalize freedom! edit:
    Yeah, SFX archives have been an issue forever. They give false positives. I will see what can be done, but in the meantime I’ve added a SF3Patch.zip file to the FTP.

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