Funding Update

Well, that was fast! After two more large donations (and many others), I believe we will have enough to pay for Phase 2. Yet another generous donation from Urban Reflex puts his total contribution at $260! You are one serious SF3 fan, man. Thanks for everything! And another extremely generous fellow antking83 donated $200. He hasn’t been around SFC for a while, but made a new account to reconnect with the community. Thanks to these guys and everyone who has helped us reach this goal. We currently have $709.39 in the bank. That should be enough to cover Phase 2 as well as any unexpected costs.

My plan was always to close the donation link after we met this goal and I’m doing that now, but I wanted to see what everyone thought of taking donations specifically for the Artbook translation. That work will not be happening for quite some time, so maybe it is prudent to close the link now and start it back up when that time comes. That may also help make it clear further donations will be strictly for the artbook translation effort.
Let’s discuss in the forum:

Thanks for everyone’s generous support!

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  1. Graciaman says:

    I always swing by a couple times a year to see the progress and download the latest patch. Shining Force III is still my favorite game and I don’t think that’ll ever change. I play through it (all 3 scenarios) every year or 2 and always like having the latest patch when I do so. I’ve been following and lurking since the inception of this project and can’t properly express how grateful I am for this team and all the effort everyone has put in over the years. Thank you! I hope everyone is staying safe through COVID-19.


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