Progress Report – July 2020

The Sc3 translation review is going smoothly and briskly. We are nearing the end of Ch5, so it won’t be long now!

Phase 1 ended up costing a total of $178.84. We have taken to invoicing on a monthly basis for Phase 2. The monthly cost is as follows:
May    87.48
June 158.71
July  132.76
The donation funds we have left should be enough for about two more months of translation and I believe Switch will finish this task up before then.

The next thing I will likely ask him to review are the voice clips (during battle animations) since there has been a renewed interest in replacing the voices in game and because the translation part should be a relatively short (and affordable) exercise. Knight 0f Dragon and friends have worked to enable this. He has created a voice patching tool that gives us the ability to replace the voices (including the ending scene with Elise and Galm). Very cool!

You may note that there are translations for the voice clips on the Jumesyn site. We will use these as a starting point and again utilize a two phased approach where phase 1 isolates the voices that need full translation. Many of the voices are grunts and yells, which will be identified (because they aren’t all obvious if you don’t understand Japanese) and set aside in phase 1 along with any that are accurate. When phase 2 starts, voice translations will cost 60 yen each, the same cost as one image in our dialog review. I’ll make a determination at that time whether to open it up for donations for this particular effort based on remaining balance. For those who may not want the voices replaced, rest assured it will optional when patching.

K0D and friends have been doing some nice research on the SF3 Discord channel which should allow many things. I hear rumours of Rogan being playable and the Garosh bug being fixable… You will be hearing much more of their efforts in the future.

Work on the Artbook translation is progressing nicely. You’re welcome to visit the FTP location to see what has been done so far. All original scans will be available in the Original folder while the current set will live in the main directory. All finished pages will be .png, so that’s an easy way to know what has been done. Currently the first 25 pages are complete, minus the contents page. Big shout out to Special T for putting in the effort to clean up the scan lines, etc. in addition to the obvious image work. As well as mr2dax for continuing to provide translations.

On the LP front, a couple of long running Let’s Play’s have finished up.

StHA up next!

Thanks to Maeths and ARRPEEGEE for these LPs I really enjoyed them both!

I will provided further updates as things progress.

Keep Shining!

legalize freedom!

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