SF3Patch Version 22 Released!

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Please report any issues or feedback in the forum HERE.

V22 is a special patch. Not only does it provide the normal refinements to dialog you’ve come to expect, but it’s the first time we’ve been able to deliver actual bug fixes and enhancements to the game. Knight 0f Dragon has been working throughout the year researching SF3, fixing bugs, providing enhancements and creating the new patch wizard. This is awesome news for Shining Force III fans everywhere!

Thank you to those folks who’ve provided feedback during the preview period, esp. for the wizard in its testing phase. We’ve also refined the wizard’s dialog a bit, so that should feel more comfortable as well.

The new wizard is really cool, but if you have an issue with it, please let us know, so we can get it figured out. It’s important to try it out on all your different set ups to make it as compatible as possible.

In an effort to make this and future updates a more reasonable download file size, the patch wizard will require a one-time download and install of the Windows Core.net library (52mb) which is explained in more detail in the Read Me.doc. This will cut our patch download size to 1/3 of its previous size (currently less than 45mb).

In the event you have an issue with the wizard (provided in the SF3PatchWizard directory), the previous patcher options (provided in the SF3Patch directory) will work as they always have and include all the new fixes. The content will be the same regardless of which option you patch with. Please check out the detailed instructions in the SF3 Patch Read Me.doc included with the patch.

An important note for those who are patching the Sc1 PAL version. If you have a need to use the previous patcher options (Options 2 and 3 in the Read Me), there is now a dedicated directory to use for Sc1 PAL. This will involve a simple folder rename. Check the Read Me for instructions.

And without further ado, here are the bug fixes:

  • Overlapping class and level text on the record loading screen fixed (all scenarios)
  • The Titan’s barrier can be broken with the Elbesem Orb, so it can be defeated as in the Japanese version (Sc1 NA and PAL)
  • The mixed-up lines after the Catacombs (Sc1 battle 27) fixed. Basanda had an extra line in the PAL version that was removed. (Sc1 PAL)
  • Garosh bug fixed. This caused Garosh to lose stats instead of gaining when reaching levels 20-29 after his final promotion to Bow Master. (Sc3 and PD)
  • 60 Character bug fixed for the Premium Disc, previously if the gameshark was used to add Rogan, another character had to be removed. This fix allows all 60 characters without crashing. (PD)

We’re using the Garosh icon for this patch in honour of his bug being fixed.
And it is a great feeling to mark a couple of items off the Known Issues list!

There have been many, many corrections and improvements to dialog lines across all scenarios.
Here are the most visible text and dialog updates:
A few relatively minor updates to area, item and enemy names:

  • Storich South Desert area (Sc1) was Aspia South Desert, but is south of Storich
  • Aspinia Mage enemy (Sc1) was Aspia Mage, but is used in other armies
  • Fortress Gate enemy (Sc3) was Castle Gate, but is the gate of Barrier Fortress
  • Bulzome Temple area (Sc3) small cleanup
  • Lessor Demon (Sc3) re-verified translation
  • Durahan (Sc3) re-verified translation
  • Thunder Wand (PD) Jane’s weapon and weapon description in the PD when you recruit her at the end of Sc3.


  • Ch5 in Flagard HQ, advice states the priest might have more information about what is happening in the castle. This should avoid confusion about what to do next.


  • Rollie join dialog with Jane cleaned up
  • Ch3 after the Kudan/Yasha battle, Campbell is now aware Julian traveled with the Synbios army as he should be.
  • Turk join dialog cleaned up
  • Stella and Rogan bookcase entries ghosting fixed.

The Voice Translation effort is wrapping up and the second phase (organizing the clip translations, then refining and finalizing the wording) is set to begin. To back up a bit, we began with the voice translations provided on the Jumesyn site. As with the Sc3 review, our partner Switch from Phantom River Stone did an identification pass to weed out any that didn’t need any translation effort.

He has identified each clip as one of the following:

  • A yell/grunt/sound (with no translation required)
  • An accurate translation (with no further translation required)
  • Needs a closer look/re-translation

Here are the current tally of clips:
121 yell/grunt/sounds
170 are 100% accurate
266 needed translation (also includes all clips in the game that were not provided on Jumesyn such as the enemy lines)

Total amount donated for the Voice translation effort was $325.00.
Total amount the Voice translation effort cost to date is $206.54. There are still a handful of clips that need to be paid, but this basically represents the entire cost of the effort, leaving $118.46 in the bank. In addition to the last few voice charges, I will consider this a balance to be used for other translations that come up (which I currently have a handful that need a look) or put it toward a future patch related initiative.

We continue to make good progress with the Artbook Translation.
Many pages have been finalized and can be seen in Special T’s post HERE.
These live on the FTP HERE. Finished pages are .png format.
Big thanks to mr2dax for all the help with the actual translations. And of course Special T for doing the heavy lifting with all the image work. We’re really proud of what we have been able to put together so far with the artbook. It is coming along nicely.

We’ve made it up to the character profiles and view these backstory details as important to the overall translation effort. We will be taking donations for anyone wanting to sponsor a character profile. A running tally of the profiles that have been taken/are still available will be kept in Special T’s post mentioned above. We will again be partnering with Phantom River Stone for the profile translations which will cost $5 US each. See the finished Kate for a sample.

If you wish to sponsor an artbook character profile please use the donation link below (also found in Special T’s post) and include your selection(s) as a note. Artbook profile sponsorship is the only reason the link is currently open. We’re not taking general donations without a purpose.
https://papal.me/sf3translation – Link now closed as the profiles are all sold out!

We appreciate all your support and hope you enjoy V22!
Much more excitement to come!

legalize freedom!

8 Responses to “SF3Patch Version 22 Released!”

  1. TGS says:

    I am excellent at voice changes. Let me know how I can help.

    legalize freedom! edit:
    Awesome! I’ll be in touch.

  2. jomontferrand says:

    It’s pretty awesome to see all the work that has been completed since the beginning. Keep up the good work everyone 🙂

    legalize freedom! edit:
    Great to hear from you, Jo!

  3. ShiningFan says:

    I would love to contribute 2 ways, id love to donate ($) to help further the project along and secondly id love to lend my voice talents (Vocally Gifted) to any of the characters who need a voice for any of the remaining scenarios.

    legalize freedom! edit:
    Your offers are appreciated!
    The only thing we are currently taking donations for are the world book profile sponsorships.

    While there is more to providing voices than just having the talent, namely the ability to professionally record, your offer is appreciated. I will reach out to you.

  4. Neil says:

    This is a huge update but I do have to ask, have the voices gone to English now? Is there going to be any option in the settings to revert it back to Japanese?I actually would prefer you leave the original voices. I still use a several years old version that had Japanese for 2 and 3.

    legalize freedom! edit:
    There has been no change to the in-game voices to date. The process has begun with the translation of the Japanese voices, but there is still a ways to go before having new voices available with the patch. When that does happen, there will be options that include keeping the original Japanese voices.
    There should never be a reason to not be on the latest patch. There are so many great additions each year…

  5. antking83 says:

    I want to give a big thanks for all your hard work and effort you and everyone else has put into this patch, translations, and overall work into this awesome game. Your work will not be forgotten!

  6. Yoshinatsu says:

    I tried patching all scenarios with the new fancy patcher (including the premium disc).
    I could only patch Scenario 2, the others resulted in the error message:
    “Failed. An error occurred during patching.”

    I’m using the latest Windows 10 20H2 build, and I used virtual discs, if that matters.

    Isomaker and SF3TranslationPatcher seem to be working fine for all discs.

    legalize freedom! edit:
    Was Sc2 by chance the first one you tried and the others after? Be sure to keep the original images somewhere else away from the patch directory. You don’t want to mount an image in the same directory in which you are saving the patched image. If you are an SFC member, please engage us there so we can get it figured out. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. EndlessWinner says:

    Awesome. You are all a godsend. Elbesem’s blessings to you all. Thank you very much for all of the continued hard work to everyone involved! I actually bought a new disc burner, new discs and another Sega Saturn memory cartridge for this occasion 🙂

  8. Knight0fDragon says:

    Mednafen/Beetle and trophy users:

    This will make it seem like your save is erased.

    I promise you, it is not erased. The hash on the game just changed.

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