Progress Report November 2023

Hello again shining fans!

We are looking forward to V25 and wanted to give you a brief update. My apologies for not posting more this year! We have healthy discussions on Discord, so join us there if you seek more.

A couple of issues were identified with V24 and those will be fixed with V25, along with quite a few surprises. More details to follow as we approach release.

With V25, we are shooting for December, but will have to release “when it is ready” due mainly to a change in structure for the wizard. The plan is to provide selectable options and mods during the patching process which should allow everyone to play the way they like. This will give us (and advanced users) flexibility for adding fixes and mods moving forward even between official releases. Thanks in advance to Knight 0f Dragon and Rikapso for all the great updates.

As for the SF3 World Book Translation Project, Special T and I have released the last of the Shining the Holy Ark main characters and will continue to release pages at a measured pace. (after V25 is in your hands 🙂 )

Can’t wait to share (and play) V25!


legalize freedom!

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  1. breversa says:

    Woohoo, the yearly update post is here! 😉
    Do you need money for anything? 🙂

    legalize freedom! edit:
    Not taking donations for anything at this time, but thank you for the offer and your support.

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