Welcome to the official Shining Force III Translation Project web site!

16 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. legalize freedom! says:

    Feel free to comment on news postings.

  2. Moogie says:

    I will 🙂 Now they seem to be working again, anyway 😉

  3. Swalchy says:

    Looking great ^_^ Think we need more of a front page though. Possibly change The “Introduction” page to being the main one?

  4. Aydon_ger says:

    Im dreaming for this sooo long. And now, im surfin’ on this site, can download the Patch – it must be a Dream. Thank you all for your hard work!

  5. Seijuro Hike says:

    Love the simple, yet beautiful design! Great job! 🙂

  6. Tilly says:

    Thank you so much to everyone responserble for making this happen, myself and im sure anyone whos ever played shining force 3 as longed for this day.
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ManifestX says:

    Very nice layout 😀

  8. SupaHype says:

    Good work guys. I didnt think that this would happen, then I saw your site today. Keep it up. There is still an audience for your work.

  9. Thousand says:

    woot, it’s teh paaageee! great to see one for the project, it certainly deserves it 😉

  10. Tiffany Grey says:

    Fascinating…and I agree pretty much with everything. Keep up the good work…I will certainly be back shortly

  11. dmc88 says:

    Thx a bunch for making the patch i wish you all the best and hope you will have a good time in your life

  12. KIPANI says:

    Wooo HUGE shining force fan, found this and almost cried. YOUR DOING A GREAT DEED

  13. facts says:

    thankyou, dudes. s2 work properly within the lastest patch. s3 work with the ftp current s3 file.
    however, s1 didn’t work . i dunno why. s1 shows with strange letter. is it a english patch?
    so, i wondering if i can get some help.
    or tell me where to get the s1 english version direcetly

  14. Konsolkongen says:

    Can’t wait for SC 3 to be finished! Completed SC 2 on my Saturn a while back and apart from a few bugs this was quality work! Thank you for translating the games i’ve been wanting since i was a kid 🙂

  15. Goldark says:

    I’ve been waiting twelve years! After all this waiting I can finally enjoy the story fully. Keep up the good work!

  16. Andre says:

    I got to say this group is amazing all the years they put in to this great series u guys are amazing u guys should accept donations for this because the work it takes to translate a game is very difficult i thank u guys very much for this

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