Progress Report – September 2012

Currently the plan is to release V14 sometime around the end of the year. There have been a ton of improvements since the last release and I want to get them out to everyone.

Synbios16 has wrapped up Sc2 in his video playthrough and is just beginning Sc3. My review is lagging behind a bit due to more pressing needs, but I would at least like to finish reviewing the Sc2 vids before the next release.

Looks like the Sc1 beta test will have to wait a while longer. It’s not critical at the moment and I want to continue to make progress in the other scenarios, particularly Sc3, since it still needs quite a bit of work.

There are still several files remaining on my Sc3 proper noun review. I will be getting to these in the short term ahead of Synbios16.

I have put in a lot of work on the bookcases. Sc3 is in place and is ready to be tested in game. During the process of putting the Sc3 bookcase in, I made some adjustments to the Sc2 entries. There were also a couple of blanks left to be filled in in Sc2. I’m currently reviewing the Sc2 bookcase in game and then I’ll move on to Sc3. I’m going to try to visit every location where there is a bookcase to check all the entries.

mr2dax continues to make progress on the translation review of the remaining Sc2 files. Can you imagine a finished Sc2? mr2dax is bringing it closer to reality.


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8 Responses to “Progress Report – September 2012”

  1. Eric says:

    I played through all 3 scenarios last year and they were outstanding. Some of the dialogue towards the end seemed to get nonsensical, and of course the bookcases were missing. Other than that; flawless experience (except for taking 120+ hours of my life). I will most definitely be replaying these when you guys are further along. Probably my favorite gameplay in any game, ever.

  2. Michael says:

    They simply don’t make games like this anymore, the shining force trilogy was very special and I am very happy to have grown up playing video games when I did. I’ve never experienced a game series that meant so much to my childhood than these games did.

    I have been looking forward after all these years to finish the complete version of shining force 3 in english, because so many people missed out on it including me.

    Thank you to all who are involved, I am really looking forward to finally finishing this epic trilogy after so many years.

  3. Kalkano says:

    ^ Partially because the game is awesome (I’d rank it as the 2nd best RPG ever), and partially because the current gen sucks.

  4. Chris says:

    This is awesome. I, too, have been waiting since 1998 to finally get to finish this game, properly, in the language I understand (as opposed to reading a script translation, which really isn’t the same. But to say this is my most anticipated game currently is pretty accurate. 🙂

  5. Shane says:

    Fantastic! Love to hear about these updates and the future they will hold. Never stop believing in your dreams!

  6. Lordsik says:

    Cmon guys! i want to finish sf3 13 years later 😀

  7. Kristján says:

    Great great news.

  8. Chris says:

    Awesome. I could have played through the whole thing years ago, but I would rather do it with everything translated properly. Keep up the good work!

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