Progress Report – May 2014

I’m very excited to announce work on Scenario 1 has been completed. The ending is all ironed out and the transition to Sc2 is smooth. I’m really happy with how it came out. Sc1 will still receive updates if specific issues arise, but it can now be considered finished.

This content will obviously be included in V16 that will release near the end of the year, but to celebrate this occasion, I thought I’d make the updated files available to those interested in seeing the updated Sc1 ending in all its glory. You can download the files HERE. Just copy them to the SF3Patch > files > s1 directory (overwriting all) and apply the Sc1 patch with Isomaker as usual. Let me know in the forum if you see any issues.

I’ve also updated the Game Saves directory with a complete set of Sc1 saves including a Complete save in it’s own internal memory file. In this directory you’ll also find a Sc1 Records.txt file that has descriptions for every save. Get them HERE.

Now to begin polishing Sc2!


legalize freedom!

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  1. Klonoa says:

    So pretty much, when I finish the PAL copy of the game, and move on to a fan translated ISO via CD-R or via the Saroo cart, it will read, akin to Suikoden II?


    legalize freedom! edit: Yes, it will read your Sc1 completed save when you begin a Sc2 game assuming it is available in memory, but you should be patching Sc1 as well. There have been BIG improvements to the original!

  2. Handerson says:

    I’m eager to play Shinning Force 3 sc 2 and sc 3 in English! I remember 15 years ago, I went to a Japanese course in our consulate, in order to learn and mastering Japanese (here in Brazil) just to find out how the story ends! Life can be tricky sometimes. and I couldn’t be usable in this wonderful project you have. Not as a programmer, neither as a translator. Japanese is my fourth language (pretty bad). And I don’t to close my eyes before I can play, My perfectly working Sega Saturn with SF3 sc1, sc2 and sc3 in a row. I’ve never played sequels of the first game cos I’m saving them to the day I can fully understand the game! Love you all, and wish you all the very best in this life!

  3. Klonoa says: Sweet. Now I can play the fan translation of here without the need to mod my console.

    BTW, you said the english version of the game is needed to transfer data over to scenarios 2 & 3, does that include the PAL version?


    legalize freedom! edit:
    That looks promising. I’m going to assume the interface includes a save area if you need to use the cart slot.
    I will add though, the current “universal” mod chips for the saturn require very little soldering. Only one relatively easy spot for the power. They even work with model 1 saturns (oval buttons).

    Yes, the PAL version of Sc1 will work with the patch.

  4. Fernando Maldonado says:

    Actually its not considered illegal because its not effecting the makers of the game since they didn’t provide an english version. Games of been getting translated and dropped on many sites for free and repos since about the late 90s to 2000s.


    legalize freedom! edit:
    Just because it happens doesn’t mean it is strictly legal. Free helps the reasoning though.
    I think the reason you don’t see any disc based reproductions is that cd burners are commonplace and people are free to make thier own as opposed to cart based games where you need specific hardware and knowledge.

  5. Three of Nineteen says:

    Is there a way to see what dialogue was changed? It has been AGES since I played SF3-1 and playing this version there is a lot if dialogue I don’t seem to recall. I am just curious what changes Sega made to the script to make it seem more contained.


    legalize freedom! edit:
    The changes sega made in an attempt to end the story all happen after the catacomb battle (battle 27 against Basanda with Spiriel). But, the entire script was reviewed and polished appropriately.

  6. Klonoa says:

    After the translation is done, are you considering doing reproduction discs for the scenarios, similar to how reproductions work on SNES and NES reproductions? Or is that too complex? Just curious.


    legalize freedom! edit:
    I’ll look into it, but my first reaction is I don’t have any rights to do anything like this.


    legalize freedom! edit 2:
    It appears reproductions are only going on for the cart based systems and even then I can’t see how they could possibly be legal given they are selling them.

  7. Mike says:

    Does this make the Titan able to be defeated prior to the flood gates opening? I reloaded my file just before the fight and noticed the hands are not target-able. Have not proceeded further yet.

    Thank you for the work you’re doing!!!


    legalize freedom! edit:
    No. It will not change any game mechanics, only dialog and story. The arms will die after enough damage is dealt, but you can’t defeat the Titan in the US/UK version.

  8. synbios says:

    Just re-completed the sc1 with your patch and began sc2, and just have to say THANK YOU, you made a dream come true

  9. Abrar says:

    This is great news. Great work, and thanks! 🙂

  10. Adailton says:


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