SF3Patch Version 18 Test Files Posted

The SF3Patch V18 test files have been posted to the FTP. Grab them with the button to the right as usual.

A separate package has been posted for the new patcher if you prefer or need that one.

Please try them out and report any issues in the forum HERE.

This is the first version where the new compressor has been used. All appears to be working smoothly, but there is always potential for issues when something new is introduced.

Work will continue over the next month or so before the official release, so be sure to update again next month.

More Let’s Plays on the way! Along with the three other ongoing LP’s, BlueAnkylo is blazing along. After starting his LP in Sep, he has already progressed to Sc2. He brings some light voice acting into the mix for yet another enjoyable LP. I have also heard that a couple more LP’ers plan to start up after V18 goes live, so look for them soon. I plan to add these to the media page as they progress.


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