Progress Report – May 2017

Thanks again to everyone who supported the project’s presence at Retropalooza Houston 2017!
It was a great experience. See the posts below for more information.

I’m currently back to incorporating reviewed lines in Sc2 where I’m in Ch5. I’m also plodding ahead with the Sc2 comprehensive in-game review, currently in Ch4.

As some of the SF3 Let’s Plays are coming to an end, I’ve been able to catch the worst of the errors and oddities in Sc3, particularly at the end. Thanks to the LPer’s for playtesting. You are making a real difference in the next patch!

Speaking of incorporating reviewed lines, we currently find ourselves without a dedicated translator, so now is the time to volunteer if you are qualified or get the word out to any qualified translators you may know. A couple of translators are available when I have specific questions, but we really need someone to be more involved.
In case some of you may not recall, we are currently reviewing near the beginning of Sc3, but Sc3 will be a bit different because close to half of the lines have already been reviewed (because they were initially missing) and so we just need to fill in the blanks. Also in case you don’t recall, we made an effort to document all the needed lines in the form of in-game images to make it easier for the translators to work. Volunteers please contact me on the Credits and Contact page or post in the forum if you are a SFC member.

And finally, thanks once again to all the Let’s Players for entertaining us, making the Shining Force III Translation Project more visible and providing some valuable play testing to aid the project. Follow the featured LPs on the Media page.

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legalize freedom!

2 Responses to “Progress Report – May 2017”

  1. Duy T Dang says:

    Is there any way a gofundme can be started to possibly hire a translator? I find it would be more efficient than to ask for a volunteer.

    legalize freedom! edit: Thanks for the suggestion. It has been made before. If you have not priced translator services, they are ridiculously expensive. It’s very unlikely the effort would amount to much. If we could raise say $1000 (which is an extreme stretch, btw), that may get a couple of game files translated. It’s just not worth it. Besides we are proud of the fact this is an all volunteer effort.

  2. Zanon says:


    I have tried to contact you via youtube messages and email in regards to what seems to be an error in Translation (scenario 1, after battle vs Basanda and Spiriel).

    The reason why is because I am to upload the content on youtube, and I would like to have a proper version uploaded instead of the one that has the error (missing dialogues).

    Kind regards and thank you – not just you but the whole people involved in the project – for all your time and effort!

    legalize freedom! edit:
    We’ll get you fixed up. Sounds like a problem with the patching process. I’ll be in touch.

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