Progress Report – August 2018

Hello SF3 fans! Not too much to report this time.

Work is ongoing in Sc2. I hope to finish polishing Ch4 for the release of V20!

On the LP front, Zanon has started Sc2 and Genma is wrapping up Sc2. Check the media page for links.

The first episode of the Shining Podcast! is being recorded and is in production. I won’t necessarily be covering the Shining Podcast! in this space, except for those that involve SF3 and the translation project, but once the initial episode is released, I’ll blast where to find it and you can follow from there.

You’ll hear from me again around the first of November when the V20 test files are released for a month of making-sure-nothing-is-wrong like usual.

Keep Shining!


legalize freedom!

4 Responses to “Progress Report – August 2018”

  1. RaNDoM says:

    Thank you! I hope to play all of shining force 3 someday!!

  2. from the beginning says:

    I’ve been looking in on this site from time-to-time over the last several years, and thanks to all the hard work and effort you and your team and volunteers have done, I think I”m going to be ready to jump in on v20, especially after what you said about v19 with any future changes pretty much coming down to the nitty gritty. Can’t wait to play the game the way it was MEANT to be played (still will never understand why Camelot didn’t release all 3 here in North America as well). I even own an original SF1 US-published copy, but after watching a couple LPs online, the voice acting is just SOOOO BAD!!! that I’m not even going to play it, but instead wait to play Sc1 of the translated version.

    With all that being said, my first exposure to SF was naturally SF1. I had 2 college roommates who were engineers and gamers, and one night one of them (THANKS JEFF N SCOTT!!) brought the game home and they took turns playing it while I watched, and was INSTANTLY hooked, and what started out as just another night gaming turned into an all-weekend game-a-thon…I don’t think we ever turned the Genesis off all weekend, just kept taking turns.

    Naturally, after that I had to get SF2, and then found Shining in the Darkness, and played both of those…so I go ALL the way back to the beginning. Why am I rambling on about this? Because with the (re)release of Shining Resonance: Refrain here in the US late July, it got me reminiscing about the Shining series overall. So I got online just to look through the entire series and see if there was maybe a game I missed that I could get my hands on to play until your v20 is released, and thought I had every console, non-handheld game, UNTIL…

    If you look at the Shining series link at the bottom of any wiki page, you’ll see how they list the console releases in succession, culminating with Refrain, and I own Tears, Neo, and EXA…but what the hell was this “Shining Wind” I had never heard of??!! Naturally I started looking into it, only to discover it was yet again ANOTHER Japan-only release…ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??!!

    Which finally brings me to the 2nd point of this rambling rant (1st was, again, HUGE thanks to all the work and effort in this project)…despite my exhaustive efforts, I’ve only been able to find several iso patch links online, but nothing like what you and your team are doing here. So my question is this…I don’t have the computer skills or technical know-how to download these things and burn a disc. Would you (or someone on your team), during some of what probably little free time you have, be willing to look at these links if I were to post them, and tell me if they actually work or not, and would be worth me having someone use them to burn a disc for me (and yes, of course I got on Ebay and got an original copy already)?

    And again, THANK YOU for everything you and your team do to make SF3 the best possible experience for the english-speaking community. This is BY FAR the best RPG series of all-time (screw you FF!!) and deserves this kind of treatment and recognition…keep on gaming, and of course I have to end with this:

    say it, say it…SEGA!!!

    legalize freedom! edit:
    Thank you for the kind words. Great story. I would be happy to help you get it up and running. You can email me from the Credits and Contact page.

  3. from the beginning says:

    THANK YOU!! emailed you the links (on a work computer at the moment, so didn’t want to use Outlook Express from here, as that’s where the email would originate, n I prefer to keep my work n not-work stuff separate

  4. Jo√£oPaulo says:

    I can’t find the game to download anywhere. Can someone please help me?
    On emuparadise it is not available.

    legalize freedom! edit:
    I don’t recommend downloading strange ISOs on the internet, but I understand Sc1 is rare in its original form. The Japanese scenarios however, are regularly available on Ebay for reasonable prices.

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