Progress Report April 2021

Hello Shining Fans!

Knight 0f Dragon has continued to be busy fixing issues and making improvements, so we have a special mid-year release planned. There was an issue with the Patch Wizard that needed to be fixed (due to differing date formats in various regions) and the list of what could be included has grown.

I’ll save the full list of fixes for the actual release, but it is pretty impressive. Lots of boxes resized to fit, the Jumesyn romanization corrected, the HQ bookcase and PD model viewer reordered to alphabetical and the long-time issue of the LCK and MOV text overlapping in the Status dialog fixed. If you would like to get a sneak peek as we continue testing and work to finalize V23 for release, you’re welcome to join us on Discord.

The Patch Wizard now supports ISO out in addition to BIN/CUE, so we will be removing the former third option, the original patching option. Our old friend ISOMAKER2.exe is retiring after many years of service. ISOMAKER was overheard saying “If I make one more ISO, I’m going to throw up!”

More on the V23 release soon!

The Voice Translation effort is on the back burner at the moment. The ability to replace voices in-game is a reality, but that is actually the easy part. : – ) We will return to this effort in due time.

The World Book Translation effort has been a tremendous success so far! All profiles have been sponsored and we appreciate the ability to do the World Book Translation without having to pay out of our own pockets for the translation services. Switch with Phantom River Stone continues to do an excellent job, not only in the translations themselves, but also his willingness to check other references for info and work things out with us. This process is really working well.

A couple of the profiles ended up with large blank spaces and we wanted to do something special. For Leon, which is yet to be released for this very reason, we had some other art laying around. It was different in color and saturation, but we’re making it match and hoping the style doesn’t clash too much. It’s better than a big blank area. Frank was quite a bit more involved and rewarding. Unlike most of the other characters, there is surprisingly no additional art of Frank that we could find, so I worked with a young lady named Yayabeanz on a head sketch design based on his third portrait. It is a bit more detailed and cleaner than the other line sketches included in the world book (or the PD images section), but since it was done specifically for this world book translation effort, we thought it appropriate. We really thank Yayabeanz for volunteering to do this and for her dedication to making a really nice sketch. You may know her as the niece of long-time SF3 fan and supporter ChinagonUK. He posted some Ratchet work she did here:

As with the in-game translation, we aim for the highest quality, so we appreciate your understanding with how long it takes us to deliver these profiles. Special T is putting forth a lot of effort getting these looking great. We have also been known to make further improvements to profiles that have already been released, so check the dates on the FTP when grabbing updates.

Talk to you soon!

legalize freedom!

3 Responses to “Progress Report April 2021”

  1. indigokorin says:

    Oh wow, this still going ? awesome, haven’t playing this game since 1998, thank you

  2. ChinagonUK says:

    Amazing work guys. Year after year you never fail to impress me. I’m so grateful that my favourite game of all time gets so much love from such an awesome community. I’m so proud to be a tiny part of it.

    Thanks for the shoutout from myself and Mariah (Yayabeanz). It’s crazy to think that I first played SF3 before she was born and now, thanks to her artistic talent, she gets to contribute to the project.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

  3. ShiningFan says:

    ETA of V.23? im so hyped for this next update. love you all for the hard work and effort you put into something old and make it new all over again.

    legalize freedom! edit:
    I’m hoping June. Lots of testing to do!

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