SF3Patch Version 13 Released!

I’m overjoyed to inform everyone the new patch is ready! V13 is now available from the button to the right and the FTP.

The delay was primarily due to a great response by Jokerx7 and others to test the V13 files. This is generally just a spot check to verify everything is working correctly before release. Once I realized I was getting a full playthough test, I wanted to take advantage of the extra effort and provide the result in V13. Big thanks to Jokerx7 who not only did a full playthough, but figured out what was causing the crash in Sc3 at the end of Ch1. The crash is no more!

Don’t overlook the icons I’ve included this time. These were created by Special T who is our go-to image editor. They work really well for emulator shortcut icons. Thanks for those Special T!


legalize freedom!

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  1. Synbios16 says:

    Glorious day! More Shining Force!! I’m using this for my Let’s Play! Keep up the good work, I’ll be interested to see how that bookcase comes out!


  2. Adailton says:

    Thank’s for the all wonderfull work. The patch in scenario 2 it’s broken, the fairy with Master Gabriel it’s problematic… In Scenario 3 playng with Synbios in the last HQ the text of Isabella and Brigit tare inveted. (sorry my bad english…) One more… in HQ list character Scenario 3 The Produn’s name had error too.

  3. sincePong says:

    Gratulations and thanks for your efforts!

  4. jason says:

    Is this for scenario 2?

  5. legalize freedom! says:

    All Scenarios

  6. legalize freedom! says:

    My bad… A couple of Sc1 files snuck into the Sc2 directory in the excitement. I have posted a corrected patch. If you downloaded before, please download again.

    Sorry about that!

  7. Adailton says:

    Ok! Thank’s, it’s working fine now. I’m playing again ^^.

  8. Adailton says:

    Just a suggestion: The character “Irene” on USA version should be called “Ai-lin”, as looks oriental (Chinese).

  9. Adailton says:

    One question: Stella’s race is human? She has elf ears. I think she’s elf.

  10. Kokichi says:

    First I’d like to say thank you!

    But I’ve got a few questions too. If I understand your manual right, the scenario 1 patch works only with the US or PAL version of the game.

    Q: Why needs the US Scenario 1 patching, when it’s already translated?
    Can I play scenario 1 with an unpatched US version and continue with my savefiles on a patched scenario 2 iso?

    A: There are many, many changes and improvements in the patched version of Sc1. Weapon and Item names and descriptions. The real ending. Continuity with the later scenarios. I could go on… The real question is why would you not patch Sc1?
    Yes, you can continue a save file from any version to any version.

    legalize freedom!

  11. John says:

    Does this mean that Scenario 1 was incorrect also? Or just Scenario 2? I am asking because I download the patch and also made all the 4 isos… thanks anyway…

    legalize freedom! edit:
    There was only a problem with Sc2

  12. Dragoonizer says:

    Thank you! You are such a great people.

  13. Kokichi says:

    Thanks for the quick answer.
    You’ve made your point: I’ll start a new game with a patched scenario 1 🙂

  14. Dominik says:

    Thank you so much for the patches!
    Finally I am able to understand the whole story 🙂
    I can’t thank you enough for that.
    Awesome work!!!

  15. John says:

    Thanks a lot for the answer… I will make another iso for scenario 2… SF3 is my favorite game of all time… and I am not young, if you ask… so, this whole thing is simply amazing for me…

  16. MART0R says:

    Start playing now!!!!!!

  17. Andre says:

    we should donate money to this amazing team for there hard work without this team we would never see a translation for shinning force thank u for all this u guys rock

  18. kyo says:

    The character’s name is Irene. Please refrain from asian supremacist comments. You can check the official art books if you need to. Shining Force is not set in our universe, and China does not exist there.

    Thanks for the patch guys!

  19. Adailton says:

    Ok… the name is only a “sugestion”… I’m a old shining force fan, and i have all the artbooks. But it’s the same reason the sega team don’t dubbed the Irene’s voice in the USA version… Maybe they used the same adjustment that used in other characters (for example: Profound = Produn). No Stress, SHINING FORCE FOREVER!!!

  20. MNV says:

    Excellent work, guys. I’ve been watching you hack away at this mammoth project for, like, 7 years now. You guys are dedicated to the max.

    But I have a stupid question. I’ve read the progress reports, but I’m still fuzzy on this: with patch 13, can we play all 3 scenarios, start to finish, in English? At least with regards to the story and such. I gather some miscellaneous stuff needs to be edited and inserted yet.

    Yes, you can play all 3 scenarios and the PD from start to finish in english, but until the chapters are released for beta and subsequently beta tested, they can’t be considered finished. Once a chapter is released as ready for beta, it will be near perfect. You can see the progress page here to see which have been released for beta.

    legalize freedom!

  21. Abrar says:

    Thank you! It’s surprises me to see how dedicated you guys are to this project. Keep up the spirit. You know us SF3 fans will always be here 🙂

  22. Handerson says:

    I’ve just downloaded this new translation patch V. 13.
    Thought, I’m not so sure about what SF3 scenario should it work with?
    I’m actually planing to use it to tranlate Shining Force 3 scenario 2 (Medion’s CD). can anyone help me? this patch is the one I need? does really exist a translation patch to SF3 sc 2?

    You have come to the right place. The SF3Patch works for all scenarios!
    Just follow the instructions on the Patch Instructions page.

    legalize freedom!

  23. Handerson says:

    Thanks a lot!

    it’s like a dream come true for me! I’ve been waiting for 15 years to fully understand the sequence of this wonderful game.

    I have also started to learning to speak japanese (a very hard task to pick), just to know what would happened next. And unfortunately I’m still not good enough japanese speaker to follow the SF3 sc2 scypts.

    I’m brazilian and I do speak Portuguese, English and Italian. japanese is about to be my fourth lenguage, but I’m 28 now !! I need to work and I don’t have time enough to dedicate to my dreams as I had in the past!

    I owe you all an unaffordable debt! thank you all!

    Let the Shining Force Central know, that right here in Brazil there are SF3 fans as well!

    as I’ve have said before THANKS A LOT! THANK YOU ALL!

  24. Xenospeed says:

    Thank you all so much for what you’re doing. I’m sure you know how much this means to all of us who want to enjoy the games, but couldn’t understand Japanese or kanji! It’s Shining Force III that even got me into RPGs and SRPGs in the first place! Thanks to all of you hard working fans, I’m ready to beat down all those baddies in SF3 and the premium disc! Once again, I am eternally grateful!

  25. pedro says:

    Thanks 🙂 I love my Saturn

  26. Gabz says:

    I don’t know if this is the right place but anyway there’s a bug in Sc1 Ch4 when symbios meets his father the game crashes and a green bar appears on top of the screen (this is with SSF emulator) I used my original ISO to pass the conversation and the went back to the patched file and everything was ok so it’s an issue with the start of the conversation

    Other than that thanks a lot for all your work. like a lot of fans i’ve been waiting for so long to enjoy the complete saga keep your good work

    This is an emulator issue, not a patch issue. I understand it can be solved by changing the settings and/or emulator version.

    legalize freedom!

  27. Cesar says:

    Hi everyone!

    I just can’t thank you guys enough for all the effort! It really must’ve been “blood, sweat and tears” the whole time!

    I’d like to ask – report some sort of “bug” that happened to me: I was playing yesterday Sc 3 (Julian) and at the final of chapter 6, the battle against Medion army, every Uryudo’s action (not moving or standing still, but attacking or healing someone) the game “crashed” – I couldn’t even reset the game with the control, I had to use the reset button (yes, I have the console!). Did this ever happened to anyone? Luckily, I used the japanese version, and everything went fine.

    Thank you guys again, and keep rockin’!!!

    Still is blood, sweat and tears… Sc1 is getting close though… Thanks for the kind words.
    This is not the place to report issues. Please post in the SFC forum. Note this is not in a scenario/chapter in which we are currently inviting feedback, but posting to see if others are having the issue will be helpful.

    legalize freedom!

  28. Renzo says:

    Thank you :’).
    I love The Shining Forces saga, the Genesis and Saturn series are masterpieces.
    Greetings from Argentina!

  29. MRF says:

    Brilliant! I know it wasn’t just me and my mates who were intensely put off by the failure to see SF completed in English. We grew up adoring the 16-bit Shining Force games, pooled our money to by a Saturn just for SF3 S1 and were hugely disappointed that the story was never continued for us. Now that the hardware for Saturn emulation is rather easily come by and emulation is viable (I’m hesitant to dust off the old girl after 14 years and the graphics enhancement emulators can offer are quite desirable)…how I ramble….

    I’m chuffed to bits at this project and extremely thankful to those who’ve contributed their time, knowledge, and efforts to making this for us.

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