Progress Report – May 2012

I hope everyone is enjoying V13. I would like to catch everyone up with what is going on.

Just in general, I have been taking in the videos Synbios16 is making and supporting him in that effort. Not only is he identifying problem areas as a discerning English speaker… I’m using his vids as a playthrough check as well. In a relatively short amount of time I have been able to review where he has been. His effort is allowing me to make many, many corrections.

I’m planning to put a call out for Sc1 beta testers, including reaching out to those of you who have volunteered for testing in the past. I will be giving the event trees a final review to determine how many testers are needed. Hopefully by the next progress report this process will be underway.

Sc2 has been the primary target for corrections and updates using the playthrough vids.

I am doing a proper noun review for Sc3. I’m about half-way finished with that. Member Palpatine continues to work on translating the Sc3 bookcase entries. He is approximately 3/4 finished. I plan to have the Sc3 bookcase completely finished for V14.

The Premium Disc has been updated to bring it in line with the other scenarios. First time it has seen an update in several years I believe. There are also a couple of image changes… Special T is on board for those. PD players will see big improvements and consistency with the other scenarios in V14.

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  1. ambrosjb says:

    Great job with this translation project. Been tracking it in the shadows since the beginning. Actually working on my first playthrough Sc2 as we speak.

    Synbios16, if you’re talking about the cannon in the boat battle, the trick is to kill cannons 1 & 3 on the other boat first. Then 2 & 4. There is a pattern that only 1 & 3 will attack your cannons, and the other two just areas on the map. Also, Jumesyn’s guide is wrong. You get 10 xp per cannon killed, or 20 xp per cannon saved. Not sure which it is, but the total is 40 xp per person if you do it right.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Synbios16 says:

    Thank you, sir! Super exciting to see I get not only a mention, but a direct link in the post! My videos have taken a small break (2 days now since uploading, kind of a dry spell for me) but I’ve been through some crazy stuff the last couple days, which I’m sure I’ll mention during my next recording session. Also, I have to figure out how to save all those cannons! 😉


  3. jimmybob says:


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