Progress Report – September 2015

A quick update to let everyone know V17 is on pace. If everything goes to plan, the V17 test patch will be available sometime in early Nov. I’ll give it a month or so as usual before posting officially sometime in early Dec.

The new wording for the Sc2 titlescreen is in question. The initial and primary concern is that we can’t quite get the image right. A question of whether it should be changed has also come up. I would agree “Child of God” has a certain epic feel to it as a title, but I’m not sure how I feel about having the title not match the common dialog. At any rate, that may not happen this time.

Polishing is complete up through Sc2 Ch2 with work continuing in Ch3 currently. I’m also planning to incorporate all the playtesting comments received (mainly for Sc2 and Sc3) this year. Much of this work may come between the test and official V17 posting.

Tasia continues to make progress reviewing Sc2. There are only a handful of files remaining to be reviewed in Sc2! That will be a nice milestone.

As always, I appreciate everyone’s input in the forums.


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4 Responses to “Progress Report – September 2015”

  1. CyberBattousai says:

    I read the discussion in the last update, and am also in favor in keeping “Child of God” as the Sc2 title. Just offering my input.

  2. Omnibot2000 says:

    Thank you very much for keeping this up!

  3. JOS says:

    Thank you a lot of this, now I can play the game again in English and enjoy the game play more.

  4. Charlie Dev says:

    Been following this site for a long time, and I cant believe the level of dedication so we the faithful fans can play a game Sega denied us all these years. keep up the INCREDIBLE work!!

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