Progress Report – September 2016

September 14th, 2016 by legalize freedom!

The process of preparing the game files for V18 is underway. The plan is to release test files around the first week of November. Then allow for around a month test period before officially releasing V18 in early December.

Thank you for your continued feedback on the forums regarding various issues or changes that pop up. It looks like Flash Kill has won out for the Assassin Knife special name. It is fitting. Friendship and ruin map names and descriptions got a good pass through this time and I believe will be easier to understand.

The LPs continue to impress. Marauder EX is in the last chapter (6) of Sc2. RichterBelmont12 is in Ch4 of Sc3. DaTruth DT is in the first chapter of Sc2. Check the Media page for links. Thanks for your effort guys! (and thanks for being playtesters ;-))

The next time you hear from me there will be shiny new V18 files to play with!


legalize freedom!

Progress Report – June 2016

June 22nd, 2016 by legalize freedom!

Hello Shining Fans!

Just a quick update to let you know what is going on.

We have reached a great milestone! Tasia (noted as Kaivokz on the credits page) has finished the review of Sc2! Even better news than that is she plans to continue to contribute with the Sc3 review! This is fantastic news for the translation project! Thank you for your continued contribution, Tasia!

Before I continue the polishing of Sc2 and incorporating the remaining Sc2 review, I plan to focus on the newly reviewed Sc2 ending. It ties in with the events at the end of Sc1 and needs to be coordinated and polished as a priority.

I’m playing Sc3 for the first time! While thoroughly enjoying myself, my purpose is to correct anything that is severely lacking or just plain wrong in the process. I’ll probably also try to polish the Sc3 opening scene, at least partially in anticipation of the current Let’s Play’s making it to Sc3 in the near future. The Sc3 dialog has not gotten very much love to date. It’s there and you can follow what is happening, but it will require a lot of work that most certainly won’t happen before the LPs reach it, but I wanted to make sure there weren’t any really bad spots.

Speaking of, thanks for the feedback on the Sc3 issues posted in the forum. There are some really good suggestions. Many of which are not being considered due to length. Please continue to post suggestions if you have them. The ninja hand sign names I mentioned as favorites fit well and are particularly attractive because they are so short while still having a lot of character. And for Rollie’s attack, I’ll go with Unicorn Buck for now and see how that looks in game.

The SF3 Let’s Plays continue to showcase the translation and provide excellent entertainment. Marauder EX is currently in Sc2 Ch2 while RichterBelmont12 is in Sc2 Ch5. But wait! We have a new LP as well. DaTruthDT is currently up to Sc1 Ch3. He has a smooth and candid commentary style. Check him out!

I have added the RichterBelmont and DaTruthDT LPs to the media page. I recommend you check them all out as they scratch different itches for SF3 fans.


legalize freedom!

Progress Report – March 2016

March 11th, 2016 by legalize freedom!

I hope everyone is enjoying V17!

The big news since the last update is the development of a new patcher! After issues began to arise with Windows 10 and the Isomaker program, Knight 0f Dragon began working on a new custom patcher. It is still in development, but is functional and available so try it out, particularly if you are having issues. You can get it in the main directory of the FTP, tentatively named Unzip it anywhere. I’m posting this on the FTP for those who are having issues and/or simply want to try it out and give feedback. If you are interested in or want to comment on the code, Knight 0f Dragon has also posted a version that includes everything.

The new patcher automagically detects the disc in your physical drive (virtual drives not yet supported, but planned) and asks you to verify the scenario you want to patch. There is also an option to include paul_met’s excellent resolution mod which slightly increases the resolution and removes the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. PAL versions of Sc1 are currently not supported, but that is planned. Other functionality is also planned. For more information about the new patcher, you can follow its progress in the forum.

In other exciting news, the SF3 Let’s Play’s featuring V17 of the translation patch are in full swing:

Marauder EX is doing a great job of showcasing the translation, primarily the storyline dialog. He is currently nearing the end of Sc1. His Let’s Play is now featured on the Media page. I will also be providing him the latest files as he makes his way to Sc2.

RichterBelmont12’s Let’s Play is currently at the beginning of Sc2. This one doesn’t focus much on the dialog, so I’m not planning to feature it on the Media page, but these guys are entertaining.

On the progress side, I’m currently focused on polishing Sc2 Ch3. I’m trying to get as much polished as I can before Marauder EX reaches this point.

Until next time!


legalize freedom!

SF3Patch V17 Correction

December 6th, 2015 by legalize freedom!

There was an issue with the battle files for Sc1. It should be corrected now.

Please download again if you had already grabbed V17.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


legalize freedom!

SF3Patch Version 17 Released!

December 3rd, 2015 by legalize freedom!

The Shining Force III Translation V17 is now available! Download from the button to the right.

In addition to many minor improvements across all 4 discs (primarily Sc2 and Sc3 this time), the following will probably be the most visible:

  • Sc2 polished through the end of Ch2
  • Hero meeting 3 during and after the Suspension Bridge battle has been coordinated between Sc1 and Sc2.
  • In Sc1, clarity added to the dialog in Malorie after Wilmer takes you to the waiting room.
  • In friendship battle messages, the name of the character you’ve gained a friendship level with is now shown in the bold/blue text.
  • In Sc1 Blacksmiths when picking up ordered items, the name of the item is now shown in the bold/blue text to match the other scenarios.
  • Sc1 Ch3 ruins renamed to Holy Road Ruins (previously Tidal Flats)
  • Sc1 mercs named to match SF2 mercs (Karna, Eric, Tyrin, Randolf)
  • Changed “Condition” in status to “Effects” to allow this to remain blank unless a status effect is present. This goes a long way towards eliminating the text ghosting in the status dialog.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and submitted errors during the past year. In particular, I would like to thank SFC member Hrith for the excellent (Sc2 and Sc3) report. There were a few that will require some research and will have to wait for the next version, but I got all the others incorporated.

Translator volunteer Tasia continues to produce at a modest pace and we are only a few files away from having Sc2 completely reviewed for accuracy!

I’m also totally jacked because a fairy told me the long-time YouTube Shining Hero Marauder EX is revisiting SF3 for a full play through. Be sure to look for it in the coming weeks on his channel.

I hope you enjoy the new version! Shining Force III has never looked better!

Please continue to report any issues you may have in the threads designated for each scenario in the forum.


legalize freedom!

SF3Patch Version 17 Test Files Posted

October 30th, 2015 by legalize freedom!

The SF3Patch V17 test files have been posted to the FTP. I will take feedback for about a month before posting the official V17 release.

I encourage everyone to test this new version and let me know if you have any issues. Many issues that have been submitted will be incorporated over the next month. This test period is primarily to be sure there are no major issues such as crashing.

The V17 test package is located at the typical location on the FTP. You can download with the button to the right.

Please report any issues with these test files to this SFC Forum Thread.


legalize freedom!

Progress Report – September 2015

September 22nd, 2015 by legalize freedom!

A quick update to let everyone know V17 is on pace. If everything goes to plan, the V17 test patch will be available sometime in early Nov. I’ll give it a month or so as usual before posting officially sometime in early Dec.

The new wording for the Sc2 titlescreen is in question. The initial and primary concern is that we can’t quite get the image right. A question of whether it should be changed has also come up. I would agree “Child of God” has a certain epic feel to it as a title, but I’m not sure how I feel about having the title not match the common dialog. At any rate, that may not happen this time.

Polishing is complete up through Sc2 Ch2 with work continuing in Ch3 currently. I’m also planning to incorporate all the playtesting comments received (mainly for Sc2 and Sc3) this year. Much of this work may come between the test and official V17 posting.

Tasia continues to make progress reviewing Sc2. There are only a handful of files remaining to be reviewed in Sc2! That will be a nice milestone.

As always, I appreciate everyone’s input in the forums.


legalize freedom!

Progress Report – June 2015

June 2nd, 2015 by legalize freedom!

The polishing of Sc2 continues. I’m not sure how far I’ll get before it is time to release V17 (November time frame), but it should be another good chunk done. In addition, the reviewed sections of Sc2 continue to be incorporated.

Tasia continues to make progress on the Sc2 review in between other commitments and is now working in the final chapter.

One other special thing to note. The titlescreen image for Sc2 is in the final stages of being updated. Previously it read, “Target: Child of God”. It will now read, “Target: Godchild” to make it consistent with Gracia’s title throughout the dialog. Up until a couple of versions ago, both phrases were used in different places. At some point the dialog was made consistent and Godchild was used everywhere. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed the titlescreen still used the old wording.

Until next time!


legalize freedom!

Progress Report – March 2015

March 10th, 2015 by legalize freedom!

Just a quick update to apologize for the weirdness here on the site. We are trying to figure it out so please be patient. In the mean time you can still download the patch from the Patch Instructions page.

I can also report some progress on the review. Using the images created by last year’s effort, new volunteer Kaivokz (Tasia) has been working through a few of the files. We are closer than ever to having Sc2 completely reviewed for accuracy.

Edit: All is well now thanks to Moogie!


legalize freedom!

SF3Patch Version 16 Released!

December 17th, 2014 by legalize freedom!

The Shining Force III Translation V16 is now available! Download from the button to the right.

In addition to the many, many minor improvements across all 4 discs, the following will probably be the most visible:

  • Sc1 is completely finished! Any changes at this point will be very minimal.
  • The Sc1 ending now accurately reflects the true ending of Sc1 not seen in the official english release. It came out great if I do say so myself.
  • The Sc1 Hero’s test is now known as the Ancient Hall of Shrines. It was called palace one place and shrine another. It seems logical to be a series of shrines given the layouts of the rooms.
  • The Titan’s attack previously known as X-Spark was renamed to X-Laser. It’s a pretty obvious oversight on the official translators’ part. It is obviously a laser when you see it. It was even listed in another placeholder line as laser.
  • Several save locations have taken more appropriate and descriptive names through the versions, but this one might garner attention. The last two battles of Sc1, both previously known as King’s Battle (originally King’s city Battle) have been renamed to The Titan of Aspia and Battle for Aspia respectively.
  • Hero meetings 1 (Saraband) and 2 (Railway Switching Point) have been coordinated between Sc1 and Sc2.
  • Bookcases in Saraband and Balsamo have been coordinated between Sc1 and Sc2 (Ch1 and 5 for Saraband).
  • You may also notice Sc2 Ch1 (and in to Ch2) has been polished. Lots of little details corrected and a couple of big ones. The cutscenes flow much smoother and are more accurate overall.
  • For Sc2, Sc3 and PD, a new font style has been implemented for the bold/blue text in battle messages as well as friendship levels to make them stand out a bit more. For some reason in the Japanese titles the colour used here made the bold text a little hard to read. The new font style for these bold parts slightly increases the text size and makes them much clearer. Please give feedback.

Medion is now Level 8!

Learned the Spark spell!

The Freeze spell is now Level 2!

Friendship with Grace becomes Trusted!

I hope you enjoy the new version! Please continue to report any issues you may have in the forum.


legalize freedom!