Progress Report – Feb 2020

February 20th, 2020 by legalize freedom!

I hope everyone is enjoying V21! A couple of run-off-the-page lines have been discovered, but nothing serious, so that is good news. Be sure to continue to report any issues in the forum.

There are a couple of exciting developments that I just couldn’t wait for my normal update to share.

I have partnered with the Phantom River Stone translation service after a fellow named Urban Reflex emailed me to recommend them. He is not a SFC member as of yet, but thanks for the recommendation, Urban Reflex! Phantom River Stone has done work on the Shenmue series and the sample they did for me was well-done.

A fellow named Switch gave me a reasonable quote for finishing up the review of Sc3. It will come in two phases. The first phase is to determine how accurate the existing lines are. If they are accurate, they can be considered reviewed. If they are not 100% accurate, they will move on to phase 2 which is full translation service.

I will be taking donations for this remaining translation work. I am planning to pay for the work myself and hope donations help offset my cost. I was actually planning to do Retropalooza this year, but this is a far more important use of funds and effort.

Now for the numbers. We have approximately 3150 images remaining to be reviewed. Pricing was determined per image, so longer lines have 2 images generally. The phase 1 review will be 5 yen/image (one yen is roughly eqivalent to one cent) plus 10% (Japanese consumption) tax. I estimate phase 1 will cost $180. This is where the value is.

Phase 2 will be quite a bit more expensive. If images need full translation service, we are looking at 60 yen/image plus 10% tax. I was not sure how much of this I could afford to do with so many images to review, but…

The brilliant news is that a very healthy number of our images are coming back accurate. That is, the number of images that need phase 2 is smaller than expected so far. Currently around 1200 images have been reviewed and around 720 of them are accurate.

I’m not excited about taking donations, but I’m certainly excited about the prospect of finishing the review for this project. This partnership seems like a good way to wrap up the translation aspect and if it costs me some money, I think it’s worth it.

Another somewhat exciting thing is in the beginning stages as well. After sulfuroxp posted his fantastic scanning of the SF3 Artbook, mr2dax was able (and kind enough) to translate a couple of things that I requested for the translation proper. I don’t know how sulfuroxp did it, but those scans are very clear and aren’t that big file-size wise. The Artbook has been uploaded to the FTP HERE.

Somewhere along the way I decided to document the 248 Artbook pages and organize their translation (refer to the Artbook Page Descriptions.txt file in the same directory as the images). mr2dax has indicated he will help as he can with this translation, having more opportunity to contribute around mid-year. The plan is for the output to be worked back into the images similar to what we did for the World Map, except obviously on a larger scale due to the amount of text involved. I plan to update the pages on the FTP as we get them done.

If anyone wants to volunteer to help translate the Artbook, that would be most welcome. Additionally, since we are taking donations, if anyone wants to sponsor an Artbook page, we could make that a priority. The order will not be front to back, it will likely be least amount of text to most unless sponsored.

I have set up a Paypal.Me account to take donations for both of these causes. Use the note feature or PM/email me with any requests for your donation. If you would like to donate, here is the link: – Link is now closed

On a personal note, I just saw the ending credits of Sc3 for the first time. I’ve obviously worked on and tested the dialog and seen LPs, but this is the first time I’ve finished the game proper. In the process, I’ve made some improvements to the Remotest dialog. So you can look forward to those improvements. I added my Sc3 Complete save in an Internal RAM file on the FTP for those that might want to jump into the PD with a super-charged party.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s support!

Talk to you again soon.

legalize freedom!


SF3Patch Version 21 Released!

December 7th, 2019 by legalize freedom!

V21 is ready to go! Download with the button to the right.

Please report any issues or feedback in the forum HERE.

Here are this year’s most visible changes:

Many small corrections and improvements, primarily in Sc2 and Sc3.

• Waltz and Justin’s starting classes are now Ranger (Justin’s is never seen in game) to align with series established class for Centaur archers.
• David’s classes are now as follows: Elven Ranger > Striker > Commando
• Hero final class (Synbios, Medion and Julian) is now Champion
• Penn second class is now Dynamo

Penn’s level 3 beak special is now Volcano

Added blue highlight to shop haggle item lines.

• In the end of battle 20 dialog, it’s made clearer that Conrad’s ailment can’t be cured/healed
• Ch5 Tower Ruins are now Lookover Ruins

• Improvements to the HQ Dragon and Beast lines.
• Ch1 End of Battle 1 – Bresby no longer appears surprised he has been “asked” to battle the Walcuray.
• End of Ch3 – Synbios is more forward/less passive about his desire to stop the fighting/war.
• Ch5 Battle 19 – states more clearly this battle is the first trial.
• Ch6 Battle 27 – fixed lines where Spiriel was killed. Previously, both branches read as if she was spared.

• Small correction in Battles when Unoma is speaking.

Remember we still need a translator to continue our accuracy review of Sc3. Please contact me if you are or know a qualified Japanese to English translator. Thank you!

Keep Shining!

legalize freedom!

SF3Patch Version 21 Preview Posted!

November 2nd, 2019 by legalize freedom!

SF3Patch V21 Preview has been posted on the FTP. Download with the button to the right.
If you need a zip version, let me know.

Please report any issues as comments here or in the forum HERE.

I will continue to add a few things I’m still looking into over the next month. The final release will be the first week of December as usual.

Thanks to everyone who responded in the polls regarding David’s classes and Spell Names. The results informed the decision for sure. You can see my result comments in the poll threads here:
David’s Classes
Spell Names

I should really mention this more often, but we are still without a dedicated translator and there is much to be reviewed in Sc3 to bring this project to the finish line. If you are someone or know someone who is a qualified Japanese to English translator, please contact me. It’s pretty important that we get someone on board to help out with this.

And a quick LP update:

Maeths is in Sc3 Ch3 currently and is planning to use V21 asap.
Shining Force 3 Scenario 3

ARRPEEGEE is nearing the end of Sc2
Shining Force III

Zannon has completed his LP!
Shining Force 3: Scenario 3

Until next time,


legalize freedom!

Progress Report – August 2019

August 8th, 2019 by legalize freedom!

Hello Shining Force III fans!

Is it that time already? Gearing up for V21 over the next couple of months…

If you have not already please be sure to vote in the ongoing poll threads regarding David’s classes and Spell names. There is plenty of description of the choices in the first post for both of these to help you make your choices. Both allow two selections so you can vote on both spell names and because there are so many good options for David’s classes. These will run until Oct. 10 and the results will be implemented in V21.

David’s Classes Decision

Spell Names Decision

For the Let’s Play update:

GenmaTheSamurai completed his SF3 LP including the PD. Thanks Genma!
Shining Force III Scenario 3 BLIND

Maeths is nearing the end of Sc2. I’m very much enjoying this LP!
Shining Force 3 Scenario 2

Let’s play like we’re Elite has finished Sc1. Let’s hope he returns for the other scenarios.
Let’s Play Shining Force 3 Scenario 1

ARRPEEGEE has resumed his playthrough of Sc2 and is currently at the end of Ch2.
Shining Force III

Also on the Twitch front Ic3lion has completed all three scenarios and I have it on good confidence that he plans to look at the PD as well in the near future.

And last, but certainly not least, the Shining Podcast lives! A podcast exploring the classic Shining games. (from the description) Episode 0 – Why Shining Force? invites some of the biggest Shining Force fans to share how they found Shining Force and what they love about the games. This serves as a pilot of sorts for the podcast. Future episodes will dive into the games themselves. Topics such as lore, strategy, characters, items, etc. There is no set timetable for release. These will be a labor of love and will be produced on a relaxed schedule.

Episode 0 – Why Shining Force? has been released on the Shining Force Magic! YouTube channel and website. I created Shining Force Magic! to serve as a repository for shining related projects including the Shining Podcast! The website is very basic at the moment, just to give us a place to host the MP3 (audio only) version of the podcast, but we will be making improvements in the short term and I plan to implement a proper design for the site at some point. So if you would like to contribute to any of this, including the website design, please contact me on the credits page or at our new SFM! email.

Go check it out now and be sure to subscribe.
100 subs and we get a custom url that will be easier to share.
Episode 0 – Why Shining Force?

Exciting stuff!
You’ll hear from me again in November when you can expect your first look at V21!

legalize freedom!

Progress Report – April 2019

April 9th, 2019 by legalize freedom!

I hope everyone is enjoying V20!

Work continues in a few different areas. My review of Sc2 is continuing in Ch5. Saraband for the third and last time. It’s always a beast. I’ve been able to make many, many great improvements to Sc3 in particular as a result of the LPs happening now. Sc2 to a lessor extent as well. More about the LPs below.

There is an engaging discussion happening in the forum about David’s classes. What I initially believed to be a simple question has evolved into a more involved discussion. There are actually two threads, one being a poll that was a bit premature. I think another poll is in order once we come to some conclusion. Check it out and join the discussion.

Alot of good things have happened regarding the Hiroyuki Takahashi interview on the premium disc. GenmaTheSamurai requested a translation mostly for his own knowledge, I reached out to Mr2dax who has helped with our favorite project, and a couple of days later we had a translation! Genma has since put together a subtitled video on his channel.

Meanwhile, Elite Evil was working toward getting the best quality conversion of the video to edit with subtitles and actually get video back into the premium disc image. He has successfully completed a proof of concept! More on this to come, but I hope to have this interview subtitled in V21. Credit to Elite Evil (Let’s play like we’re Elite) for dreaming big.

There are more people playing SF3 (and the translation) on the internet than ever before. It seems to have caught on with the streaming crowd as well. All of the following are using V20:

GenmaTheSamurai has finished Sc3 and plans to do the PD at some point. Genma talks to most everyone, so this has really allowed my to make a pass on Sc3 in a relatively short amount of time. I’m not quite finished, but will be soon enough. Thanks Genma!

Maeths is currently in Ch3 of Sc2. He may be the best combination of knowledgable play and entertainment going right now. Check him out.

Let’s play like we’re Elite is nearing the end of Sc1. Another entertaining LP.

ARRPEEGEE (formally RPGnutter) has finished Sc1 and has started Sc2 but is moving pretty slow recently.

In addition to the standard LPs, there are a number of streamers playing SF3. We won’t be featuring any of these since they tend to be more about the stream than the game and from what I’ve seen the streamers generally have far less reverance for the game than dedicated LPers, so your milage may vary. That said, there are no fewer than five SF3 playthroughs happening on Twitch at the moment. I haven’t had a chance to check all of them out, but most appear to be using V20. I have popped in on BorgsRPGQuest and JasuBakuhatsu (who also posts his stream on YouTube) and got them to upgrade to the patch, so if you see any that aren’t using the translation patch, please advise them!

The Shining Fandom keeps chugging along!


legalize freedom!

SF3Patch Version 20 Released!

December 2nd, 2018 by legalize freedom!

V20 is now ready for your enjoyment! Download with the button to the right.
A zip version is also available, but you will most certainly want the self-extractor due to this version using the Penko icon. Cutest patch ever 😛

Please report any issues or feedback in the forum HERE.

I’m very happy with what this year’s update brings. Let’s get down to the most visible updates.

  • In Saraband, each of the two large country headquarters now referred to as “command center” for clarity and contrast with the heros’ army headquarters’.
  • Many corrections and improvements, primarily in Sc2 and Sc3.

Small fixes to dialog in Sc1:

  • Hero meeting at the waterfall; Medion more clearly states Synbios’ need for Zero is greater than his own.
  • Switching point battle; Line about crushing the Republican dogs edited to more suit Medion’s character.
  • Palsis seeing the Titan at the bottom of the moat; He now acknowledges what Basanda reveals in the prior battle.


  • Ready for beta through chapter 4!
  • The large electrical devices at Elbesem Temple courtyard are now referred to as “Elbesem Temple Core”. The dialog review in this area more fully revealed exactly what these are and that is better reflected in the dialog now as well.


  • Battle 4 advice corrected. Previously it would seem as if the staff’s power had already been released.
  • Shortened the third promotion dialog (Elbesem… Grant your blessing…) to prevent it from overlapping Gracia’s face for everyone.
  • Church promotion lines tweaked to accommodate those with classes that begin with vowels.
  • Keeper now gives better directions to the hero test.

There are alot of epic events in Sc2 Chapter 4 that have been polished to a shine. After the horror of what they find on the way to Elbesem Temple, our heros save Gracia and he breaks the seal in a tense scene. They escape only to be caught in an epic two-part sea battle. General Rogan is deceived and finds himself in mortal danger. And finally, we see the beginnings of the Sc3 force splinter off in an emotional farewell. I told myself I wasn’t going to cry…

This will no doubt play out soon for all to see as there are two LPs that I expect will be starting Sc2 with V20 in the near future. Maeths is nearing the end of Sc1 Ch4 and a new entry RPGnutter is at the end of Sc1.
Meanwhile, GenmaTheSamurai has finished his Shining the Holy Ark LP and is ready to start Sc3 fresh with V20.

You can find these and many other excellent playthroughs on the Media page.



legalize freedom!

SF3Patch Version 20 Preview Posted!

November 9th, 2018 by legalize freedom!

The SF3Patch V20 preview has been posted to the FTP. Download with the button to the right.
Remember if you have issues with virus software flagging the exe, a zip version is also available on the FTP. AVG is currently scanning and allowing it, but your results may vary.

Please try out the new patch and report any issues in the forum HERE.

There are still a couple of things I want to get added before the official release next month, so plan to update again around the first week of December.

In case you haven’t been following along, there was some good discussion regarding the red text for Galm (and Bulzome). It was a trial of sorts to see how it would work and it didn’t work all that well. Poll results aided the decision to remove it. Thanks to eveyone who responded!

In LP news, Zanon has finished Sc2. Genma is doing a Shining the Holy Ark LP in between scenarios 2 and 3.
And we have a new LP! Maeths started with a very old version of the patch, but will be current moving forward starting with Ep 13. Thanks Maeths for showcasing the translation patch!

Talk to you soon!


legalize freedom!

Progress Report – August 2018

August 6th, 2018 by legalize freedom!

Hello SF3 fans! Not too much to report this time.

Work is ongoing in Sc2. I hope to finish polishing Ch4 for the release of V20!

On the LP front, Zanon has started Sc2 and Genma is wrapping up Sc2. Check the media page for links.

The first episode of the Shining Podcast! is being recorded and is in production. I won’t necessarily be covering the Shining Podcast! in this space, except for those that involve SF3 and the translation project, but once the initial episode is released, I’ll blast where to find it and you can follow from there.

You’ll hear from me again around the first of November when the V20 test files are released for a month of making-sure-nothing-is-wrong like usual.

Keep Shining!


legalize freedom!

Progress Report – April 2018

April 5th, 2018 by legalize freedom!

I hope everyone is enjoying V19!

Just a quick update to let everyone know the latest.

Work continues on Sc2 incorporating the reviewed lines (End of Ch5) and comprehensive playtesting (End of Ch4).

I have decided not to do the Retropalooza thing this year, but I am thinking every two years might be a good interval. I do, however, plan to go and bribe a couple of appropriate booths to display some business cards so we can get some exposure that way.

For a while now I have been thinking about starting a podcast centered around the classic shining games.
Please visit the All Things Shining forum thread for details and email me or respond in the thread to answer the call for talent!

Until next time,


legalize freedom!

SF3Patch Version 19 Released!

December 11th, 2017 by legalize freedom!

The time has come! V19 is ready to go! You can download it using the button to the right.

However, we have had some problems with certain virus software flagging SF3Patch.exe (a self-extracting archive) as a suspected virus. Rest easy, there is no actual virus. It is a false positive related to self-extracting archives in general. I can verify this is happening with AVG and Avast, but the issue may also be happening on others. Just be aware.

If this affects you, you have a couple of options.
1. Disable your virus protection, download and install the patch, re-enable virus protection.
2. Moving forward, I plan to include alongside the normal exe patch archive. Just unpack where you would normally install, but without the slick presentation.

I’m excited about V19! Here’s why. The list of visible changes is shorter than normal. What? …you might say. Yes, because this is the first version where I can say the list of needed changes is drying up. While there is still much work to do with getting the remainder of Sc3 reviewed by a translator, incorporating the remaining lines that have been reviewed and giving the storyline a close look, the big-ticket things have been done. It will be the finer details and special additions from here on out. That’s why I’m excited about V19. I do need to concentrate on getting chapters to beta (finished) status and I plan to do just that.

Now on to the most visible updates:

  • Many corrections and improvements, particularly in Sc3
  • Improved clarity of the Edmund, Rogan, Produn and Brutus storylines throughout
  • Added a tribute to the real Hedva and David in Sc2 at David’s room on the Stump Skywalk.
    Continue to knock on the door before triggering battle 11. On the last line, David will be singing their very famous song “I Dream of Naomi“.
  • Corrected Dark Dragon’s name in the Premium Disc battle
  • Many new icons added (thanks to Special T)

And the rest is the nitty gritty. Working to perfect the Sc3 experience!
I believe all the major problem areas in Sc3 have been addressed. Minor dialog oddities may still exist in places, but it’s a good time to dive in if you’ve been holding off. The whole package is in really good shape.

Please don’t hesitate to provide any feedback you have. Contact me if you would like to contribute as a proper playtester.

Please share any comments or suggestions in the forum HERE.



legalize freedom!